5 Tips You Need to Know Before You Submit Your Novel 

Have you been thinking of publishing a novel? Are you dreaming up ways you can promote your story? Are you looking forward to meeting your fans? Before you hit “submit” on that novel, make sure you understand exactly what it takes to create an unforgettable novel. If you’re hoping to write a bestselling novel, there are several things you need to know. 

1. Writing is a process.

It’s no secret that writing takes time, but many new authors forget that rewriting takes even more time. Once you’ve written your novel, you’ll need to re-read it. You’ll need to edit the story and make sure the characters are as believable and as coherent as possible. In some cases, you may need to correct your grammar and punctuation before the story is complete. 

2. Publishing takes time.

Whether you choose to seek out a literary agent who can represent you in the publishing world, you’re going to submit directly to publishers, or you want to publish independently, understand that publishing takes time. Hearing back from both agents and publishers may take weeks or even months. Even if you plan to publish on your own, you’ll need to prepare the cover for your book and pay for editing before it’s ready to go. Publishing doesn’t happen overnight. 

3. Marketing is vital.

Behind any successful book is a successful marketing strategy. Make sure your book has the best chance at success by focusing on creating an incredible strategy. Remember that nobody can buy your book if they don’t know about it. Consider whether you’ll reach your target audience through advertisements, newsletter marketing, or bloggers and word-of-mouth readers. 

4. Knowing your genre is important.

It’s vital that you understand your chosen genre before you publish a book. In order for a book to become a bestseller, you’ll need to make sure you’re writing something your audience will love. Certain genres have hard and fast rules that any writer needs to follow, so make sure you know what your readers expect. 

5. Marketing trends change.

Finally, remember that trends change over time. The type of books that are popular this year may be obsolete next year. Focus on creating an exciting, interesting, and evergreen book that your readers will love. When you create a high-quality product, you’ll be more likely to give your readers something that works for them and that they’re excited to tell their friends about. 

No matter what genre you’re hoping to break into, make sure your novel is the best it can be before you start submitting it to agents or publishers. The stronger your novel is, the more likely you are to experience success in publishing.

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