The Making of a Bestseller

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5 Tips You Need to Know Before You Submit Your Novel  Have you been thinking of publishing a novel? Are you dreaming up ways you can promote your story? Are you looking forward to meeting your fans? Before you hit "submit" on that novel, make sure you understand exactly what [...]

How to critique a short story in an online writing group

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Well-considered, constructive feedback is invaluable to any writer and online groups provide an anonymous and non-confrontational atmosphere that many writers welcome. In order to provide a helpful critique that a fellow writer can use to improve a story, keep the following in mind. If you are going to take the [...]

Dan Harmon’s Eight Steps for a Great Story

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If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty or Community, then you’ve probably heard of Dan Harmon, the creator of both shows. Harmon is a seasoned industry veteran and, over the course of years of work, he’s come up with his very own approach to story structure. Let’s take a [...]