Protagonist vs Antagonist

What is a Protagonist vs Antagonist in Writing

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“Let’s face it, characters are the bedrock of your fiction. Plot is just a series of actions that happen in a sequence, and without someone to either perpetrate or suffer the consequences of those actions, you have no one for your reader to root for, or wish bad things on.”  [...]

How to Write Good Dialogue

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How to Write Good Dialogue Good dialogue is what makes characters come alive. A novel can contain the most breathtaking descriptions in the world, but if the dialogue falls flat, readers will still come away from the novel feeling cheated. Well-written dialogue can convey emotion, warn of things to come, [...]

short horror story

How to Write a Horror Short Story

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15 Tips to help you write a killer horror short story! Fear is the oldest emotion that we humans have and it has been with us since time began and since the human imagination knows no limits, this fear can quickly spiral into a slippery slope. Some have managed to [...]