20 03, 2020

After the Concert – Clara

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For her birthday, Clare’s boss gave her concert tickets. With backstage access. A gift that will keep on giving… Enjoy this erotic short story of a sensual celebration! “Backstage pass, Clare,” her boss had said. “This singer is the hottest thing right now. I dare anyone to say I don’t know how [...]

20 03, 2020

Fire Escape – Katy Thorn

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As bland, characterless multinational offices go, Sara’s could have been worse. She had long ago learned to tune out the indistinct hum of printers, copiers, coffee percolators, ringing phones and stifled chatter. It had become white noise, almost therapeutic when she allowed herself the time to concentrate on it. But [...]

20 03, 2020

Do as I Say – Clara

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She curled her fingers around the cuffs, feeling the bite of the cool metal against her hand. She was ready for this. So ready.   This had been coming for such a long time. For as long as she could remember, she had thought about this, thought about giving herself [...]

20 03, 2020

Three Girls and an Apology

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From Affection: A Memoir of Love, Sex and Intimacy I had agreed to it because I wanted to sleep with them. Both of them, but mostly with her, Jessica. They were both beautiful, though Jessica was blonde and Laura a sandy brown and my hair was a darker chestnut colour. [...]

18 03, 2020

The Female Boss – Jenny Anderson

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The number one ingredient that customers look for on a night out is an atmosphere of sexual possibility. As the manager of a hot London bar, it's my top priority to provide that. Sure, the hours are grueling, but I get the best buzz when the bar is packed, [...]

18 03, 2020

At the Movies – Clara

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Based on a real woman’s fantasy, this short erotic story takes us to a sensual session at the movies… I wriggled back and forth in my seat, gazing up at the couple in front of me. The way their bodies were moving together, the way their skin seemed to melt together, [...]

18 03, 2020

Down to Business – Eric Shun

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One man thinks this business trip is going to be work work work, until Jess gets on his train… I’d been nominated to represent my company at the annual shareholders meeting. So, here I find myself, bundled on a train. The unexpected part? Our new intern Jessica will be [...]

18 03, 2020

In Pursuit of Mr. Sands – K D Grace

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Five hot summer nights, I followed Mr. Sands in and out of clubs and bars in Soho. Sometimes it took him the better part of the night to pick up a woman, though he could have had his choice. Sometimes he found the one he wanted in the very first [...]

7 03, 2020
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FREE Real Life True SEX Stories

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Free Real Life True Sex Stories that will make you ever so horny and feel dirty These are free to read dirty sex stories from real life situations and they are some of the best true sex stories you can read. If you want to get dirty and [...]

13 12, 2019
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Adult Short Stories

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 If you like books, there is a big chance you read them whenever you have time. But for many adults, the world of “adulting” is filled to the brim with everything except free time. Most people are either working full time, enrolled in a university program, or are taking [...]