They scare us, frighten us, make us feel disgusted, make us feel hate and anger, yet we keep picking up horror books to read time and time again. The horror genre is one of the smallest mainstream genres but it is filled with some of the most amazing books of all time. We have compiled a list of our favourite Horror Authors and some of their best books in no particular order. These Horror authors have not only influenced us but many people and movements around the world.

H.P. Lovecraft

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is a name that most people would have heard of or at least recognize. H.P. Lovecraft is an American writer of short stories, novellas, and novels in the Horror genre. Some of his most well-known work has changed the horror genre and how we write in this area.  His published work is mostly set in New England. There are over 100 stories with his name on.

3 of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s most well-known published books;

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories

The Whisperer in Darkness

At the Mountains of Madness

Stephen King

You either love him or you hate him, and we love him and the majority of his published books. Stephen King has written many books and written the screenplay for many films which I am sure you have heard of. Stephen King’s first published book was Carrie which was published in 1974 at 27 years old. Carrie later became a feature film in 1976 and a remake in 2013.

3 of Stephen King’s most well-known books;


The Stand


Dean Koontz

Another very well-respected horror author Dean Koontz, born July 1945. Koontz list of horror novels is vast and currently has over 500 million copies sold worldwide and 17 film adaptations from his novels, not many authors can compete with that.

3 of Dean Koot’s most well-known books;

Demon Seed



Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe, writer, poet, editor and critical writer released his first book at 18 when he was enlisted in the military, a collection of poetry titled Tamerlane and Other Poems. One of his most well-known books is the short story The Tell-Tale Heart that was first published in 1843. Edgar Allen Poe not only influenced American literature but also had an impact on international literature.

3 of Edgar Allen Poe’s most well-known books;

The Black Cat

The Cask of Amontillado

The Tell-Tale Heart

Anne Rice

American author Anne Rice writes; gothic fiction, Christian literature and erotic literature. She is most well known for her vampire series, in particular, The Vampire Chronicles. Anne Rice’s bestselling novel Interview with the Vampire was originally a short story. She turned the short story into the novel while grieving the loss of her daughter. Interview With the Vampire has gone on to sell over 8 million copies worldwide.

3 of Anne Rice’s most well-known books;

Interview with the Vampire


The Mummy

Clive Barker

Clive Barker is a novelist, film director, visual artist and playwright. He has to-date written 21 novels and has 3 short story collections to his name. Barker started writing horror short stories early in his career then later moved towards fantasy and urban fantasy. His first novel The Damnation Game was published in 1985 and tells a story that touches on the topics of cannibalism, incest and self-mutilation in a detailed manner.

3 of Clive Barker’s most well-known books;

The Great and Secret Show



Bram Stoker

Abraham Stoker (aka Bram Stoker) is an Irish writer born November 1847. Stoker is best known for the amazing novel Dracula which he got the inspiration for from his visit to Whitby, an English Coastal Town in 1890. Bram has 13 published novels under his name and 3 short story collections.

3 of Bram Stoker’s most well-known books;


The Man

The Snake’s Pass

R.L. Stein

Most people have heard the name R.L Stein, author of the famous Goosebumps series, a total of 75 books. R.L. Stein has sold over 400 million copies worldwide and has several film adaptations to his name. Stein started his writing career with humour and children’s books, not quite what he is now famous for.

3 of R.L. Stein’s most well-known books;

Stay Out of the Basement

Night of the Living Dummy

Say Cheese and Die!

Shirley Jackson

One of America’s most influential authors. Shirley Jackson is widely acclaimed for her short stories and novels of the supernatural. Her short story The Lottery first published in 1948 has been described as “one of the most famous short stories in the history of American literature”. The short story is about a community that has to choose a human sacrifice to be stoned to death to ensure the communities well being.

3 of Shirley Jackson’s most well-known books;

The Haunting of Hill House

The Bird’s Nest


James Herbert

One of the best authors of English Horror. James Herbert’s first published book The Rats and The Fog were about man-eating giant black rats. The first print run of 100,000 copies for The Rats sold out within 21 days. The sequels were later written; Lair, Domain and the graphic novel The City.

3 of James Herbert’s s most well-known books;

The Rats

The Magic Cottage


Best Horror Authors

This has been a list of our top 10 best horror authors from around the world. If we have missed your favourite horror author, let us know in the comments section who they are and why you think they deserve a spot on our list.

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