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Double Trouble, One Dad, Two Daughters

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David and the girls waved at their mother until she turned around to face the airport personnel and shortly after disappeared behind the gates and scanners of the security check. They waited there for another minute, hoping to catch a last glimpse of Jennifer before turning around and heading out [...]

Two Mothers

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What was wrong with me? I just couldn’t help it. Every time I saw mum I just got a raging hard-on. She was beautiful. She was sexy and she was so not available. Or not supposed to be anyway. She was my mum for god's sake. This had been going [...]

My Daughters Best Friend

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Being a single father to a teenage daughter is probably one of the hardest things in the world. My wife Jennifer died tragically when our daughter Clarissa was only young and for the past few years working and raising Clarissa has consumed my life. I haven’t been able to get [...]

Like Mother, Like Daughter

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My name is Steve, and I live a great life. I’m a 46-year-old man, married 23 years to my wonderful wife, Jackie, or Jacqueline as only her Mom calls her. I met Jackie when she was just 17 and I was 21. We got married almost 2 years later, and [...]


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As a slight early morning breeze wafted through the open balcony door, sunlight streamed through the slatted shutters causing rectangle shadows to form on the marble floor. The slight flatter of the shutters revealed a cloudless sky, with a sea of blue swooshing underneath it. I breathed in and [...]

3 Day Sexcapade

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This happened during the summer, probably a week into August. I was at the gym, and I had a nasty chest and arm pump going. I decided to get some cardio in that day but didn't feel like staying at the gym any longer, so I decided to run on [...]

Taboo Sex Stories

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This list is some of our hottest and filthiest Taboo Sex Stories. These stories are not for you if you are easily offended. But they are sure to make you hot and sweaty and ready for more sexy stories. Please read these taboo sex stories with caution. If you are [...]


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When I first met my boyfriend three years ago he never really showed an interest in my ass, he was only devoted to my pussy. Making me cum whenever he got the chance and worshipping my body with his tongue. He was amazing at oral sex, he knew what made [...]