Wife Sex Stories
Sex Stories about Loving Wives

The following list has been gathered to give you the best sex stories about wives. These sex stories are based on real-life sexual stories about real married wives. Loving wives give you the fantasies and the sexual desires you need for your erotic reading.

If you have a wife or not these sex stories are bound to give you what you need. If you have an experience you want to share or stories about your marriage (the more sexual the better) then please get in contact with us as we want to hear them and I am sure our readers want to hear them as well. Anything to do with sexual stories about wives can and will be posted.

These wife sex stories are based on real experiences;

My Wife’s First Threesome – “She stared at it, apparently at a loss for what to do next. She looked at me, as if for guidance.”

My Wife at a Party – “This was now the wildest scene I had ever witnessed. Two guys were using my formerly shy conservative wife like their personal slut.”

Hot Wife Loves to Swallow – “neither of them cared about the video playing on the computer, but they left it on playing anyway.”

Meeting Julie’s Needs – “She swallowed his beautiful load, savouring its taste, and licking the remainder from her wanton lips.”

Welcome Home – “He had my ass exposed fully, and with expert timing, drove his manhood deep into my tiny hole.”

My Best Friends Hot Wife – “She lifted up tighter against me, and embraced me with her thighs.”

We hope you liked these wife sex stories, if you have an experience that you want to share with us please submit your story.

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