Two Mothers

What was wrong with me? I just couldn’t help it. Every time I saw mum I just got a raging hard-on. She was beautiful. She was sexy and she was so not available. Or not supposed to be anyway. She was my mum for god’s sake. This had been going on for too long. I had to get my head straight.

I suppose it really started five years ago when dad died. I was just thirteen and at that age, I sort of went off the rails a bit. After one bad fight at school where she had to leave work and pick me up, she sat me down for a chat.

“Your dad has been gone for six months now Danny.” She said softly, holding my face in her hands. “I know you miss him and so do I. But I need you to be the man now. You need to stop all this fighting and stuff because I need you to be responsible. I need you to be a grown-up. You are the man of the house now. I need you to take care of me as your father did.”

“I’m sorry mum.” I said bursting into tears, “I just miss him so much.”

“I know you do baby.” She said, tears welling in her eyes. “So do I but we need to look after each other now. Ok.”

“Ok, mum I will. I promise.” I said. I kept my promise and have done really well at school and am looking forward to university.

Mum works three days a week for a charity shop. When dad died he was an equal partner in a business. As mum didn’t know anything about the business and hardly knew the other partner she sold a controlling share to him and lived off dads insurance and income from the company shares. A few years on the business was doing so well it got noticed by a multinational who offered a buyout. Mum and the senior partner agreed and mum it seems is actually quite wealthy. But she says we are comfortable. We live in the same house we did when dad was alive, though it has been generally modernised and extended and a swimming pool added.

As time went by mum became more relaxed. More settled and more cheerful. She had a lovely way of making people smile even in their gloomy moments. We had a small gym so she kept herself fit and for me, to some degree that was the problem.

She married dad at eighteen and I was born shortly after so she is now thirty-seven and she has the most awesome body. She has 36dd tits, and I know this because like a lot of boys I have wanked a few times into a bra I found in the laundry. Her waist is slim and her hips are smaller than her tits so I suppose at a guess her vitals are 36dd 26 34. And she knows she has a good body. She doesn’t flaunt it but she doesn’t hide it either. Low cut blouses, or transparent sometimes. Moderate length skirts above the knee and she does love her tight jeans and when at home in the warm weather will wear shorts and a t-shirt. And the joy of joys for me, a bikini when swimming in the pool.

None of that is a problem for me. My problem is mornings and evenings. She gets up at 8am every day. Dressed in a nightdress. Sometimes short sometimes long and sometimes button up. Only the buttons are usually only done up just above her tits so if she bends down I get a full view of those wonderful mounds and she never wears a bra for bed. The short ones just about cover her nicely rounded arse, or so it seems to me. Then in the evenings, she will do dinner at 6pm and by 7pm she has showered and in her nightdress ready for bed. She sits dressed like that watching TV till she gets tired and after she has leaned right over and kissed me on the forehead she goes to bed. Night after night I see those wonderful breasts, just swinging, waiting to be squeezed. Nipples waiting to be sucked. And I am sitting in pj’s or shorts and t-shirt.

I sit with a cushion in my lap so she can’t see my constant erection and then when she goes to bed I will jerk off, sometimes right where I sit and then again when I go to bed. And when she has her shower she just wraps a towel around herself and, still wet crosses the landing and goes into her bedroom. I know that a second later she is standing naked, running her hands over that awesome body. I just can’t take it any more. But what am I going to do? Maybe I should just tell her and see what happens.

She was wearing one of her lower cut shorter night dresses tonight. I could see her breasts rising and falling as she breathes. It’s short, so short that with her legs tucked under her I can almost see up to her panties. The TV program finished and I knew now was the time. She got up, took her cup out to the kitchen and then came over and kissed me on the forehead.

“Good night darling.” She said.

“Mum you can’t keep doing this to me.” I said softly. I hadn’t actually planned to say anything it just sort of blurted out.

“Do what Danny.” She said looking down at me, “I always kiss you good night.”

“Yes, mum.” I said, “And you always do this as well.” I said moving the pillow aside and showing her my obvious erection.

“Danny!” She said trying to look away but not quite able to do so. “Don’t be silly. I will see you in the morning.” She turned and walked towards the stairs.

“It will still be here in the morning mum.” I said, “It always is and it always will be till YOU do something about it.”

“Danny don’t be silly.” She said trying to sound casual, but her eyes were still stuck on my erection which had now popped out of the pee fly of my boxers. “Why don’t you find yourself a nice girlfriend.”

I stood up and took a pace towards her. My solid throbbing erection clearly pointing her way. “I don’t want a girlfriend mum.” I said softly but sternly, “I want you. And only you.”

“Er, er well I am tired so let’s talk about it in the morning. Goodnight son.” She said and hurried off to her room.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done. What I had just said. I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t slapped me round the face. Maybe that’s because she just couldn’t take her eyes off my throbbing cock. So I suppose I could count that as a success. The subject was in the open now. The morning would be very interesting. I had to follow this up if I really wanted to get my hands on those awesome tits, and her mouth around my throbbing cock.

I looked down at my penis and was surprised to see how much it had grown. It must have been about nine inches long, longer than I had ever been and the throbbing was quite painful. Half hoping that mum would come back down I took my boxers off, sat down and jerked off in the armchair. The explosive orgasm made me moan out loud. The first jet must have travelled at least 4 feet and the following 4 or 5 not that much less. It was painful, but the pain just made the juice go on and on for ages till I couldn’t take anymore. Once I had recovered I cleaned up. Normally this only took a few seconds but I had spread it so wide that it seemed to take forever. By the time I got to bed, I was too exhausted to jerk off again and anyway I’m not sure I could have taken the pain any more however pleasurable it may have been.

She couldn’t help herself. The sight of his erection, his huge erection, had effected her whether she wanted it to or not. The struggle to remain calm and brush him off probably sounded a lot calmer than it actually was. Her pussy was throbbing and she didn’t even make it to the bed before her panties dropped to the floor and her hand was between her leg as she leaned against the bedroom door. Initially she just pushed her hand against the throbbing, “Just to calm it down.” She said to herself. But try as she may she couldn’t stop her finger from sliding into her trimmed pussy hole and finding her clit. At the first contact, she moaned, loud enough for her to worry Danny may hear.

She stumbled to the bed and falling on it she fingered her pussy to orgasm more violently than she had ever done before. With images of that erection moving closer and closer to her one orgasm was not enough. Two, three and then finally the fourth orgasm and she blanked out, falling asleep from exhaustion on top of the bed while still humping her finger.

She woke early the next morning trying to figure out what had happened. Since her husband died she had convinced herself that sex wasn’t important and though she did on occasion masturbate it wasn’t a regular thing and she had never even thought about dating another man. Yet here she was, waiting for her son to come down. Had she done enough to put him off or would he still, still….. God, she couldn’t think of it. “Calm thoughts. Calm thoughts.” She repeated to herself.

Danny was in a remarkably good mood when he woke up. “And why not?” He said to himself, “This is the day I get to feel those tits and put my cock into my hot mother.” He was more than confident as he had heard her moans when he went to bed. He knew or hoped, she was fingering her pussy. Hoping that she was turned on by the sight of his throbbing cock last night.

He got up, had his shower and put on a pair of boxers. Normally he would wear shorts and a t-shirt but he had determined he wasn’t going to waste any time and just get right down to it. Normally when he went down he would kiss his mum on the cheek and then sit down and eat his cereal. This morning when he went down mum was standing at the island in the middle of the kitchen that doubled as a breakfast bar. She still had her nightdress on from last night. As soon as he saw her he felt his cock starting to grow.

“Morning mum.” He said happily, “Sleep well?”

She heard him before she saw him and the moment she did her pussy started throbbing. “Yes thanks, baby.“ she said, making herself sound calm. “You?” She could see the rising bulge in his boxers as he moved closer.

“Not really.” He said moving beside her and kissing her on the cheek. “Kept thinking about you.” He had now moved behind her and ran his hand up her back.

She shuddered. “Well eat your breakfast.”

He moved in behind her and leaning into her said, “I told you it would still be here didn’t I?” His hands were now heading for her breasts, one-up each side of her body.

She jammed her elbows into her sides but he had expected that more and instantly moved his right hand down between her legs. This made her jerk forward slightly and his left hand shot into the gap and gripped her firm breast. He smiled to himself. Her nipple was hard and he was surprised how wet her pussy was. He pushed his erection in the gap of her firm buttocks.

“No Danny.” She said, trying to squirm from his grasp, “We can’t do this I am your mother. It’s wrong.

“Just tell me you don’t it mum and I will stop.” He said, “But don’t lie to me. You had your fingers in you pussy last night and it’s as wet as hell right now crying out for my cock.”

“We can’t.” She moaned, “We mustn’t. Danny, please let me go.” As he slid a finger into her sopping hole she moaned, belying her words. Her arms were now in front of her, resting on the island, her head lowered. She could feel her pussy lips gripping his fingers. She steadied her legs, thus opening them even more for his invading finger.

He had her. He didn’t ram his cock into her just yet as much as he wanted to. Instead, he fingered her wet pussy seeking out that nub of pleasure. His other hand squeezing her breast and playing with her nipple. He heard her moan with pleasure and then as he found her clit she jumped.

“Oh fuck Danny no, please, we can’t do this. Oh fuck you have to stop, your going to make me….Stop, please….uhhhh before it’s too late. As she was saying it she knew it was already too late. She leaned forward and stepped back slightly, opening her legs to her son. Giving herself to him as the first male induced orgasm since her husband died flooded her body. She threw her head back as if rushed through her body and came screaming out of her mouth. “Aaaaarrrghhhhhh, oooohhhhhhh fuuuuuck Yeeeees ooohhhh yes Danny do it oooohhhhhhh fuuuuck.

Danny couldn’t wait any longer. He pulled her nightdress up over her back and rammed his cock into that sopping heavenly gate. He was amazed at how tight she was but she was so wet he slid right up ti his balls in one swift motion. “Oh mum that fees so good.”

“Oh Danny this is so wrong.” She moaned feeling the thrill of a hard cock in her cunt after so many years, “And so good baby so good. Fuck mummy baby make me come fill me up with your juices. Mummy wants it now baby.” She was thrusting back on him now. Keeping to his rhythm and completely lost in the pleasure of her sons cock.

“God mum you feel so good I can’t hold it mum I’m I’m oh fuck mum….”

As he shot his seed into her she orgasmed. They were now like a pair of rampant rabbits just thrusting backwards and forwards into each other. Guttural moans and cries emanating from them both till finally their orgasms past. Her legs finally gave way and she slipped to floor, turning as she went down. Danny rested on the island exhausted, elated.

As she sat on the floor she saw his throbbing semi-hard cock in front of her face. Ad though it was the most natural thing in the world she took hold of it and guided it towards her open mouth. For the first time in years, she tasted man juice. “ In for a penny.” She said to herself.

“Oh god mum.” Danny gasped as he felt his mother’s lips engulf his cock. “Your so fucking hot.“ With his eyes clamped shut he couldn’t believe all his dreams were coming true. He opened his eyes and looked down at his mother sucking at his now rigid cock. That site alone brought him to another orgasm and she didn’t lose a drop pushing him deep into her mouth as she felt his first jet hit her throat. Once he was finished she looked up at him smiling broadly.

“Help me up you evil boy.” She laughed, “And eat your breakfast. You’re going to need all the energy you can get from now on.”

“Ok mum” He smiled, “Anything you say.”

“Well, breakfast first.” She said, “Then I think I need a shower. And then we need to talk.”

Danny had stepped out of boxers as he fucked so naked he sat down for breakfast. He sat opposite her eating his cereal while all the time gazing on her wonderful breasts which were as firm as he had always hoped. Her buttons had come undone during their frolics and she didn’t bother doing them up as she wanted him to see her for who she really was. To see what he had awakened in her. This was one of the things they needed to talk bout. They ate in silence, with constant smiles at each other then she went to the bathroom closely followed by Danny.

“And where are you going?” She asked.

“I am joining you.” He said wit a smile, “I am going to soap you and play with your tits and then you are going to soap me and suck my cock.”

“Oh am I?” She said, “Living out your fantasy, are you? Well, I have a few of my own young man.” She laughed as he slapped her bum cheek softly.

And he was true to his word. He soaped her entire body sucking her tits and nipples as he did so and while he did that he slipped two fingers into her pussy and, with some trepidation a finger into her anus, delighted when she moaned with pleasure.

She gave him his blow job. And she used every skill that she thought she had forgotten, even taking him deep into her throat till his pubic hair tickled her nose. She teased him relentlessly till he grabbed her head and fucked her face which made her come as well. This was her secret, this was what he needed to know. She was a sexually submissive woman. She always had been and her husband had loved this part of her nature as it suited them both so well. Except for dressing sexily to please her man who loved it when she flashed herself in public. They had never involved anyone else in their marriage. Keeping their behaviour for their own pleasure. But this Danny would need to know as it was an integral part of her which she was certain would come to the fore sooner or later.

They dried themselves and she told Danny to put some shorts on. She put on a summer dress that buttoned all the way down but only done one button up at the waist so that her body was clearly visible to her son. Her lover. “So we need to talk.” She said once they were downstairs.

“You now what we are doing is wrong don’t you?”

“Supposedly yes.” He replied, “But what two people who love each other isn’t wrong as far as I am concerned and I do love you mum.”

“And I love you too son.” She smiled, “But we have to be careful ok?”

“Yes of course mum.”

“There are things you need to know about your father and I that, well, to be honest, you may not like and I never thought you would need to know. So please just listen and if you have any questions ask them when I have finished.”

She explained to him that her submissive side was something that ran in the family. Passed down from great grandmother to grandma to mum. It wasn’t a dominant sort of submissive but a woman’s need to pleasure her man type. But also the woman’s right to sexual pleasure as well. Luckily great-grandpa and grandpa were very much like his father and were sexually liberated. Which in great grandpas day was rebellious, to say the least. All had had happy and fulfilling lives together. It also seemed that the men always died first. Grandpa some ten years ago and of course his father five years ago. None of the women had ever remarried. In the last couple of years before he died she and Danny’s father had been experimenting with their fantasies. They would drive to a town about forty miles away and go into a pub or club where they were not known so that his father could watch as his mother would tease men at the bar. They were allowed to chat, touch and maybe kiss her but it never went any further. This was one of their favourite things as it also fit one of his fantasies.

They had discussed sex with other men and women or couples and dogging and sex with strangers as well as a lot of other things. All of which came to an abrupt end when he died.

“So why are you telling me this” Danny asked.

“Because you need to know I am not an inhibited innocent.” She said softly, “Neither am I going to be your slut to pass around unless it’s something we both want.”

“Mum.” Danny gasped, “I would never do that to you.”

“I know son. But you see on the internet how often it seems to go that way with a mother and son relationship.” She said, “I will do anything that we both want to do and I will always consider anything that you, with your young mind, may suggest. OK?”

“Ok.” He said, laughing “Can we fuck now?”

He was rampant. She was rampant. They were rampant for the next three days. She had to take time off work. She taught him how to please her in all her holes and that of course pleased him in every way he had ever imagined. They ate together slept together and had a lot of fun and laughter together. They even had sex in the swimming pool after she dived under and sucked his cock in the deep end.

As they ate breakfast on Thursday the phone rang. She went to the hall and answered it. When she returned she said, “Grandma is coming to stay for a few days. She arrives tomorrow so we will have to behave.”

“Mmmm.” Danny said with a smile, “Maybe.”

“What are you thinking young man?”

“Well to be honest mum.” He said with a smirk on his face. “I fancied grandma before I fancied you. She is the spitting image of you just a bit older.”

“Oh you cheeky devil you.” She said, throwing a towel at him. “And how do you expect to achieve that?”

“Well, grandma is the same as you. She always gets ready for bed after dinner in her nightdress and wears it till after she has had breakfast. And if she enjoyed sex with grandpa like you say and hasn’t had any for ten years then anything is possible.”

“So after only three days your looking for another woman.” She said seriously.

“Oh no mum I didn’t mean it like that. You know I didn’t.”

“I know, I was joking with you.” she laughed.

“And you call me a devil.” He said, smiling. “What do you think? Could we work it between us?”

“Mmmm.” She said cuddling up to him, “I have to admit I do like the thought of my young son fucking me and my mother at the same time. You will be trying to get auntie May next.”

“Now that could be interesting.” He said, “Mum, have you err, ever wanted to err….”

“Come on out with it. We said we would be completely open with each other.”

“Ok. But don’t hit me.” He laughed, “Have you ever thought about having sex with a woman?”

“What? With my mother do you mean?”

“Well, any woman.”

“Now that is an interesting thought.” She said smiling.

“Really.” He said rolling on top of her, “Wow. You really are a slut aren’t you.”

“When I want to be.” She said grabbing his erection and guiding it into her wet pussy. The thought of eating her mother while he was fucking her was a total turn on.

After fucking her cunt her face and then her arse she sucked him clean and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Each with their own thoughts about what tomorrow would bring.

Danny hadn’t seen grandma for almost a year as she had been staying in her villa in Spain over winter and took a cruise before coming home. As she arrived Danny threw his arms around her giving her a huge hug. “Wow grandma you’re looking good.” He said releasing her, as he looked her up and down. “Does that tan spread all over?”

“You cheeky boy.” She said, kissing him in his forehead like she always did, “You have grown to be quite a hunk haven’t you?”

“Granma you will get me all embarrassed.” He said, feigning blushes.

“I doubt that.” She said. Looking him up and down and noticing the slight bulge in his crotch. Something that she had noticed many times over the years.

“Coffee mum?” Jenny asked, smiling.

“Yes please dear.” She said watching Danny walk away and loving the sight of his firm bum. “He really has grown up hasn’t he.”

“Yes, he has.” Jenny said, blushing. “And he knows it as well.”

“So doe’s he have a girlfriend then?”

“No, he says he isn’t ready for anything permanent yet. Though any girl would be proud to be seen with him.” She realised that she too was starting as he walked away.

“He certainly doesn’t like to, err, hid things, does he? If you know what I mean?”

“Oh I know mother believe me. He seems to get more confident every day.”

“Mmmm if only I was thirty years younger.” She laughed.

“Well if you saw what I saw I don’t think age is a problem.”

“I don’t know what you mean dear.” Granma laughed. “Does he dress like that all the time? Just shorts and a t-shirt.”

“Most of the time. Jenny said, “Then sometimes no t-shirt and sometimes he sunbathes naked.”

“You sound like your drooling my dear.” Grandma said smiling, “Mind you I would love to see that.”

Danny couldn’t help but get a hard-on when he hugged grandma. It had always been a problem for him since he was very young. She had always worn low cut tops that enhanced her 38” tits and she used to pick him up for his forehead kiss she would crush him against those glorious mummery’s and her cleavage would almost burst free of her bra. He spent as much time as possible sitting on her lap leaning on them as possible and when he was tired they were his pillow. She had always dressed fashionably and not to her age so she always looked good. By the time he got to his room he needed a fuck but of course, he knew he would have to hold off. What he didn’t know was how long he could hold out.

As it was a hot day he decided to go for a swim. He and mum had already talked bout him nude sunbathing so when he got out he lay on a sunbed. First tanning his back and then turning to tan his front not worried whether grandma was watching or not. Sooner or later she would see him. And mum would make sure of it.

After her coffee and chat with Jenny grandma went to her room and unpacked. She looked out of the window and took a quick intake of breath. “My god look at the size of that thing.” She said to herself. “And I thought my Eddie was big.” She suddenly felt embarrassed, realising that for the first time in many years she was getting wet. “Stupid woman. He is your grandson.”

When she got downstairs she was still cursing her silliness. “Are you ok mum?” Jenny asked, “You look a little flushed.”

“Err yes, no well. She stammered, “I looked out of the bedroom window. Danny is sunbathing. Naked. My dear, he IS a big boy, isn’t he. I was quite shocked.”

“Well imagine how I felt when I came home from work and he was asleep naked in the garden and his thing was, well, you know….”

“Hard you mean. Erect. Oh my word what did you do?”

“Got bloody wet.” She laughed, “Well for a second anyway, then I had to remember he is my son.”

“Just for a second?” Grandma said, “I am still bloody wet just knowing he is out there naked for anyone to see.”

“Well, luckily we are secluded here so he is safe,” Jenny said.

“It’s not him I am worried about,” Grandma replied. Then smiling she added, “I think I will take my coffee into the garden. I bet he runs away.”

“Mum you can’t.” Jenny gasped, “I never go out there when he is like that.” Knowing full well that nowadays she always joined him.

“Well, I have come here for a break.” Grandma said, “So I am going to sit in the garden and relax.”

“Relax? Really?” Jenny laughed. Grandma walked into the garden and sat down as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Danny heard footsteps on the patio and closed his eyes. Pretending sleep. He could feel his blood rising but didn’t want to get hard, thinking it was too soon. That of course brought the thought of him fucking grandma into his head and whether he liked it or not he soon standing upright. He heard feet shuffle close by and guessed that whoever was sitting there had shoes on so it had to be a grandma. He moved a couple of times, just enough to make his cock move from side to side. Grandma coughed slightly. One of those ’ want your attention’ coughs.

Danny opened his eyes. He acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. “Hi grandma.” He said, smiling as he raised himself on one elbow. “All settled in?”

“Yes thank you.” She replied, Unable to keep her gaze from his erect cock for more than a couple of seconds. She knew he was challenging her.

“It’s a nice warm day.” He said, “You should join me.” The smile on his face made it an open challenge. One she didn’t miss, especially as her pussy was now throbbing at the openness of his display.

“Maybe later.” She said quietly.

Danny lay back down, “Well you normally sunbathe naked at the villa don’t you?” He said. “How else would you get your all-over tan?”

“How do you know I have an all-over tan young man.” She said, laughing even though she was embarrassed.

“Well your always telling mum.” Danny smiled.

“Oh, yes, well.” She said, “I think I will go and do us some lunch. She could take anymore and went back to the house where Jenny was preparing lunch.

“That boy has no shame.” Grandma said.

“I tried to warn you.” Jenny replied. “He seems to flaunt himself all the time.”

“How on earth do you keep your hands off him. He was erect. I couldn‘t take my eyes of it.”

“Mother!” Jenny gasped, shocked at her mother’s words., “Should we actually be discussing my sons, bits? Oh you know what I mean.”

“No we shouldn’t but I haven’t been this wet since before your father died. And let’s be honest if he was just a man, would you say no to him?””

“Mother your, what? 63 now. And he isn‘t just a man. He is your grandson, as well.”

“I’m retired.” She laughed, “Not dead. He dared me to sunbathe naked you know.”

“Noooo! Really?”

“Well he didn’t say as much, but that’s what he was getting at. Told me he knew I sunbathed naked at the villa. Heard us talking apparently.”

“Well you know he has always had a thing for you.”

“Well my boobs anyway.” Grandma laughed.

“Maybe he still has.” Jenny said, pushing things a little further.

“Not likely.” Grandma said, “Not at my age. And anyway he has a younger version in you hasn’t he?”

“Mother.” Jenny gasped. “How could I?”

“Well I would given the chance.”

“Then take the chance grandma,” Danny said moving in behind her.

Jenny had seen him come in and lead the conversation as best she could.

“Oh fuck.” Grandma gasped, “How could you Jenny?” She felt his hands run up her sides and whether she liked it or not her pussy was pulsing hard, begging for attention.

“He’s a man mum.” Jenny said, “And he wants you.”

Danny nibbled at her neck as his hands moved up to her breast. She let out an involuntary sigh. Danny slid his hand between the buttons of her dress and, finally, after all these years, felt the naked flesh of those tantalising breasts.

“You have to stop this.” Grandma said, moving her hands over his. She seemed unable or unwilling to move away from him. “Jenny, please.”

Jenny moved towards her mother and gently brushed her face with her hand, “All you have to do is say no mum and he will stop.” She said, “But is that what you really want? Or do you want to enjoy the love of a man who truly loves you.”

“Oh god. You set me up.” She moaned, pushing back into Danny, “You two….your….” As Danny brushed her nipple she gasped, her already weak resistance falling away.

Jenny smiled and kissed her mother on the cheek as she slowly undid the buttons of her dress. Grandma closed her eyes, the confusion outweighed by the need. Jenny moved her hands behind grandma and unsnapped the bra. All the while Danny was playing with her tits and hipping at her erect nipples. His had slid down her body to that magic point between her legs and grandma made a final attempt to stop this madness, gripping Danny’s hand till his finger brushed against her sopping pussy.

Grandma knew she lost. She couldn’t defend herself against both of them and finally, dropping her hands to her sides she submitted with a loud sigh. She could feel Danny’s rampant rod squeezing between her buttocks and her pussy was screaming out to be fucked.

Jenny dropped grandmas panties and then Danny turned grandma round, letting the dress drop to the floor. He briefly admired his Grandma’s body, so much like his mothers that they could be sisters instead of mother and daughter. Slowly he moved her backwards to the breakfast bar as he kissed her neck, her ears and then gently on her quivering lips.

The touch of his lips on hers brought her arms up and around his neck. As the solid bar contacted her back she felt her leg being lifted and rested on the footrest of a barstool. Danny lowered slightly and she felt his throbbing cock brush her pussy lips. Her eyes flew open, she looked into his eyes as he gave upward pressure, waited for her to say ‘no’, she closed her eyes and he slid his rod slowly into her sopping throbbing pussy.

“Oh god.” Grandma moaned.

Danny wanted to ram is cock all the way but had too much respect for his grandma to that to her. Besides, he was surprised just how tight she felt. She gripped his cock like she was a virgin. As he slid into her he leaned back. “Mum, get your tits out.” He said.

Jenny smiled at him and she removed her top. Then she lowered her head to her mother’s breast knowing that her own breast would hang down just like her son like them. She had often thought about fem on fem sex and loved the feeling that she got suckling on the very teat that she had suckled as a baby. It helped her understand more why Danny loved sucking on hers so much.

Once Danny was all the way in he started a slow rhythm in and out while grandmas moans became louder and seemingly more urgent. “Faster Danny, “She gasped, “faster.” Danny increased his speed and was now banging against her pelvic bone. Her pussy lips gripped his cock like a vice and were becoming harder and harder to hold off his orgasm. This was when his youth was most needed. He was thrusting like a steam engine now and it was becoming painful holding his orgasm off. Then it happened.

Grand ma’s eyes flew open and her body went rigid, a second later she let out a slow scream getting louder and louder till it reached a pitch, “Eeeeeeeecccccccckkkkkkk.”

Finally, Danny blasted his boy seed into his grandma, while his mother sucked on grandmas nipples. The whole picture was just too much as he sent blast after blast in grandma as she screamed and thrust back onto him.

Finally, spent, grandmas head wobbled and her legs gave way. She slid to the floor supported by her daughter. Danny leaned on the breakfast bar recovering his balance and his breathing.

He was shocked when no more than a minute later grandma said, “You are a naughty boy.” As she took hold of his cock and guided it to her mouth. “Hmmmmmmm.” She moaned as it slipped between her lips.

Danny looked at her and then at his mother. “Mum lick her pussy clean.” he said smiling.

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