Erotic fiction is the term given to erotic stories, novellas, novels and other fiction work that is written with sex or sexual themes. Erotic fiction is written in a more serious way than what you would see on websites, other online media, and magazines. We don’t just focus on women’s erotica we have some fantastic erotic stories for men and women.

Erotic short stories are a fantastic way to get your daily dose of erotica.


We have searched the internet to bring to you some of the best erotic short stories for men and women which are all completely free. If you fancy taking things to the next level try out the offer below to get a free sexy audiobook.

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The following list of erotic short stories will take you to the page where you can read them for free.

  1. The Female Boss – Jenny Anderson
  2. Consultation with the Doctor – Mason Lane
  3. In Pursuit of Mr. Sands – K D Grace
  4. Down to Business – Eric Shun
  5. At the Movies – Clara
  6. Dark Garden – Remittance Girl
  7. Three Girls and an Apology – Krissy Kneen
  8. Do as I Say – Clara
  9. Fire Escape – Katy Thorn
  10. After the Concert – Clara
  11. Neighbors – Fadingxflower

These erotic stories are all free and offer any man or woman a fantastic erotic read. If you know of another great erotic book then let us know in the comments below. If you have enjoyed these erotic stories you should really try and erotic audiobook there are so many great audiobooks to listen to which will enhance your erotic experience.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of erotic stories. If you have any erotic short stories that you think deserve to be on this list then write us a comment and we will get them included on this list. Don’t forget, if you want to submit an erotic story or an erotic short story, our anthology is the perfect place to get noticed. With hundreds of erotic stories, it is a great book to purchase.

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