Meeting Julies Needs

The clock on the nightstand read 5:56 am. It was Thursday, but it felt a little like a fourth Monday. Julie mentally groaned a little as she thought of the alarm that would sound in four minutes.

Brian was still sleeping like a rock, spooning her gently. She loved the feel of his strong, naked body resting against hers and his chubby cock resting against her soft, voluptuous ass and his arm draped lightly over her breasts. She quickly reached for the alarm clock and turned the alarm function off before it broke the peaceful silence. Julie yawned deeply as she listened to the birds chirping outside their open bedroom window. One nice thing about the coronavirus pandemic for her and Brian had been the chance to work from home. They certainly didn’t have to get up at 6:00 each morning, but Julie felt the routine helped her keep her sanity amidst the uncertainty of the world outside their home. She slowly rolled out of bed and pattered to the shower.

As the water was heating up, Julie looked at herself in the full-length mirror their master bath boasted. She twirled her long blonde hair with a finger as she noticed the puffiness of her areolas this morning. Then she admired her freshly waxed vulva and grazed it slightly with the fingernails of her other hand.

Julie and Brian were both quite athletic; it was normal for them to spend several hours a week in the gym working to maintain their health and keep their bodies looking hot for each other. Both were busy 26-year-old professionals. Brian often put in 12-hour days at the brokerage where he was trying to climb the ladder toward partner, and Julie lived a life of conference calls and endless emails as an associate in the marketing department of a burgeoning health insurance company. With the pressures of work and their involvement with their church and small group, it was often difficult to fit in time for slow, passionate sex. Their last encounter had been a quick romp three days ago, and while that had been fun, Julie needed more this morning—she needed Brian’s cock.

Julie quickly pinned her hair up in a messy bun before stepping into the shower. The hot water felt wonderful as it rolled down her body. She squatted down and arched her back with her head resting against the shower wall as she released in a graceful, womanly arc all the urine she had been storing overnight. Julie loved the feeling of peeing in the shower; it felt so free, and the release only served to make her hornier. As she stood, she began soaping up her body—running her hands over her shoulders, massaging the soap into her breasts, lathering her taught, athletic abs and legs. She reached behind her and grabbed handfuls of her ass and pulled her thick, toned cheeks apart. Arching her back, she let the water hit her tight rosebud before she ran a soapy hand over and around it several times.

“Mmmm, so good,” Julie moaned quietly to herself. With that, Julie couldn’t take the agony any longer. She squatted just as she had a few minutes before and began circling her clitoris gently with the fingers of her left hand. Soon, her pace and pressure became more earnest, her breathing became shallow, and little moans escaped her lips. After several minutes of this, she gave a quiet gasp as an orgasm overtook her. Slowly rising to her feet, still panting, she knew she needed more—she needed her man, and it wasn’t even 7:00 yet!

After drying herself off, Julie walked back into the bedroom to find Brian still sleeping. She quietly dove under the covers and quickly found his soft cock with her mouth. Positioning her ass straight up in the air beside Brian’s head, she knew it would be quite the view upon his awakening. With her lips firmly around its base, Brian’s soft two inches began to expand. Soon she could no longer fit his member in her mouth—at a full seven inches, she hadn’t yet learned to handle it without gagging uncomfortably. But that was no deterrent to this horny young wife. She began bobbing up and down on her man’s ample shaft, stopping occasionally to lick the sensitive underside and gently take his testicles into her mouth one at a time. Julie tasted the saltiness of Brian’s precum as she ran her tongue around his thick mushroom head. She was so turned on! In fact, she could feel her own juices running out from between her smooth pussy lips and gently dripping down her thigh.

Brian began to stir a bit. He moaned a little and moved his legs before opening his eyes to see his wife’s beautiful swollen mound and tight ass mere inches from his face. “Oh yeah, babe—don’t stop,” he managed to say, half-awake.

Julie certainly had no intention of stopping. She slurped and sucked and slathered her man’s cock with her saliva. While Julie and Brian engaged in oral sex fairly often, it was unusual for her to swallow his cum. Julie loved playing with Brian’s semen on her body. During a blowjob, she usually asked him to cum on her breasts so she could massage his love juices into her soft skin. This morning was an exception though; Julie had different plans. As Brian began grunting and giving little hip thrusts, Julie knew he was close. When his body tensed, she grabbed his shaft with both hands and aimed it straight into her open and waiting mouth.

Having not cum for several days, Brian’s cock exploded with ropes of semen. After five or six powerful streams, Julie’s mouth filled and cum dripped down her chin. She swallowed his beautiful load, savoring its taste, and licking the remainder from her wanton lips. Then she turned to kiss her husband good morning.

“Thank you,” Brian stammered. “That was absolutely amazing.”

Julie looked at him with an eyebrow raised and a hand on her hip and said seductively, “Oh, I’m not done with you yet.” Then she whimpered, “I need cock!”

“Not so fast,” Brian said. “After what you just did to me, you’ll have to give me a little time to recover.”

“I know exactly what you can do while you’re ‘recovering’,” Julie replied mischievously as she straddled Brian’s face with her muscular thighs. She lowered her still-dripping vulva to her man’s lips. He lapped gently at her wetness, and she felt the arousing scratch of his stubble.

Julie moaned as Brian circled her clit with his tongue. His pace was steady, and he could tell she was really enjoying riding his face. Gently, Brian inserted first one finger, then another into his bride’s tight pussy. He took some of her juices and spread them back toward her little rosebud. Using his thumb, he circled her virgin asshole and gently pressed at its opening.

Julie gasped with excitement and pleasure as Brian ran his tongue from her clit, through her lips and darted it in and out of her pussy. He was only able to complete this slow, tantalizing circuit a few times before she began quivering. With a scream, Julie’s whole body seemed to be spasming in pleasure as her second orgasm of the day overtook her. With that, she began whimpering, “I need your cock, baby, please! Fuck my tight little pussy with your big cock.”

Brian got up and lovingly pushed Julie to her knees on their bed. Julie held his member with one hand as he grasped her hips, and she ran its fleshy, engorged tip through her slit, coating it in her cum before backing onto it slowly. With a little moan, she took its full length deep into her pussy. As Brian began slowly thrusting, she could feel the slap of his balls against her clit. Julie loved this feeling, the tickle of his testicles against her, the sensation of being filled with Brian’s cock—of being taken. Moaning slightly, her perky breasts bounced with each impact. Brian groaned softly as he watched his shaft disappear into his wife’s sopping wet pussy.

After several minutes, Julie turned and pressed Brian back into the bed. They were both on the edge of another orgasm, and Julie wanted control now! Facing Brian, she swung her leg over him and with a swift movement of her hips once again mounted his erection. With one hand massaging her clit and the other fondling Brian’s balls, she found her rhythm, gracefully sliding up and down his cock.

Having just ejaculated shortly before, Brian had a bit more stamina this round than his horny wife. Red-faced and shrieking a little with each thrust, Julie suddenly let out a loud moan as her body tensed. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming!” she stammered.

Brian, smitten by the horniness of his hot young wife, began thrusting with abandon. Julie continued to fondle his balls and began running her middle finger back over Brian’s anus.

“Julie!” Brian drawled, “Oh I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” Brian let out a final groan as he released his second load of the morning deep inside his wife’s waiting pussy.

Satisfied for now, the young couple collapsed in a heap on their bed. Brian’s cock slowly softened inside Julie’s pussy, the primal fluids of love covering them both. They each revelled in the warmth and comfort of the other’s embrace.

“Maybe we shouldn’t wait too long before we do that again,” Brian chuckled amusedly.

“Agreed,” Julie remarked. “Hey, aren’t we going hiking at that nature preserve this weekend?” Julie asked. “We’ve never been too naughty outdoors, I guess… but it might be the perfect opportunity to start.” That’s a story for another time!

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