Down to Business

One man thinks this business trip is going to be work work work, until Jess gets on his train…

I’d been nominated to represent my company at the annual shareholders meeting. So, here I find myself, bundled on a train. The unexpected part? Our new intern Jessica will be joining me. Not entirely sure what she’ll be able to bring to the table and now I’ve got to babysit rather than relax. This weekend was gearing up to be a royal pain in the arse… All I needed was a train strike to top it off.

I’m sat on the train at a table looking across at an empty seat. “Great,” I think. “Stuck with Little Miss Unreliable, who might not even turn up before the train leaves. Suits me.”

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Just as I stretch my legs out to relax and start reading the newspaper, a petite red-head approaches, fumbling for what looks like important documents. I look at her with a blank expression on my face as she drops the papers. I let out an audible sigh as I help her gather the papers from the floor.

“I’m Jessica,” she says in an airy voice as she flicks her copper red hair out of her face.

As the train jolts forwards, she loses her balance and one of her legs goes flying towards me. I can’t help but notice she is wearing suspenders under her short pencil skirt. She steadies herself on the back of my chair with an outstretched arm.

“I think you better sit down before you fall down,” I smile.

I move my feet off the chair and she carefully sits down opposite me.

“So, Jessica… Are you looking forward to the shareholders meeting?”

“You can call me Jess,” she says at almost a whisper. She brushes her hair behind her ears as she looks at me over her glasses and I notice the most amazing bright blue eyes.

“OK, Jess…”

“Not really,” she interrupts. “I was hoping for a relaxing weekend with a few glasses of wine to be honest.”

Well this was an interesting turn of events. Here was me thinking I’d be stuck with a boring, over-eager intern that wanted to do nothing but talk business.

“I’m sure we can find time for a few drinks,” I retort with a smirk.

The next hour or so of the journey is spent exchanging small talk as I try to remain vaguely interested in what she has to say. Jess undoes the top few buttons of her thin, white blouse and I must admit, I was finding it increasingly difficult to not look at her heaving cleavage bursting out of it.

She suddenly lets out a very loud sigh as she kicks her high heels off.

“My feet ache,” she moaned, placing them on the chair next to me. “Rub them better for me,” she adds in a playful manner.

Moving her feet from next to me she puts them in between my legs and starts rubbing my crotch.

“I… I can’t do that. That’s not… I could…”

Jess tuts as she plays with her hair, moving her feet from next to me she puts them in between my legs and suddenly starts rubbing my crotch.

I’m taken aback. Completely stunned and at a bit of a loss as to how to react. I know what I should do. I should be professional and move her feet and remind her that we’re on a business trip. The devil in me won’t let that happen though…

Her foot continues rubbing my ever-stiffening cock, as I caress her legs… How much longer is this journey going to take? I think I’m going to explode.

As soon as we reach the station, we flag down a taxi and jump in the back. Without even saying a word, I hand the taxi driver a tattered piece of paper with the address for our hotel on.

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I grab the back of Jess’ head and press her lips firmly against mine. “I’ve been dying to do that the entire train journey,” I say hastily.

We passionately kiss for the entire taxi journey and once we reach our hotel, I don’t even so much as say a quick ‘thank you’ to the driver. To be honest, I think he was getting off on watching us on the back seat. I hand him the money and we cross the street to the hotel and get checked in as quickly as we can. The whole time we’re stood at reception, Jess’s hand is rubbing my bulging trousers.

We both rush upstairs and pile into my room. By the time I’ve put our bags down, Jess has already slipped her shirt off, her red hair flowing down over a silky blue push-up bra trimmed with black lace. I stop and stare for a moment, taking in the stunning view standing there in front of me. Her petite frame just screaming at me.

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I walk over to her and grab both shoulders shoving her back against the door. As we passionately kiss one hand grabs her tits, as the other fumbles to get her bra undone.

She wastes no time in diving a hand into my trousers and releasing my cock.

As we frantically strip each other of all our clothes, throwing them on the floor as we make our way across the room to the bed, she grabs my throat and says to me with lustful venom in her voice: “Don’t be gentle with me!”

My hand glides over her toned stomach and down in between her slender thighs.

I throw her backwards on to the bed and promptly climb on top of her, parting her legs with mine. I grab her wrists and pin them either side of her head. Leaning forward I kiss her collar bone and then bite at her neck. I loosen my grip on her wrists and she starts to lift her arms from the bed. I push them back down again, restraining her once more. Moving her hands above her head, I hold them together with one strong hand. As I hold them there, I move one hand down her pale white skin and grab one of her firm, plump breasts. Sucking and nibbling on the nipple, my hand glides over her toned stomach and down in between her slender thighs. I slide my fingers over her pussy and she is already wet. I slide the tip of my fingers inside her and she says rather abruptly: “NO!” She sees the look of confusion on my face and explains, “I want your cock to be the first thing inside me.”

I rub her clit and release her hands from above her head and she makes no hesitation in grabbing the back of my head and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. As I lean back, she leans forward, not wanting our lips to part.

I wonder how rough she wants me to be?…

I spin her over to lay on her front. “You need to be punished!” I say as I feel myself really getting into the dominant role.

Bringing back my right hand, I bring it down on her delicate pale skin. The sound of my hand smacking her firm arse makes a high-pitched crack that pierces the air.

I spank her arse repeatedly, her skin going from porcelain white to crimson red.

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“YES!” she sighs. “Again.” I spank her arse repeatedly, her skin going from porcelain white to crimson red. With one final swing, I grab her arse as my hand lands on her red cheek.

I manoeuvre myself so that I’m straddling her legs. I can see her pussy glistening under the light, wet with excitement. I want to taste it. I roll her over on to her back once more and before I get the chance to do or say anything, one of her hands thrusts forwards and grabs my head…

As her fingers wrap around my hair, she says to me with force: “I know you want to… Taste me.” She slides her hand between her legs and back up again, shoving two fingers into my mouth so I can taste her. It tastes so sweet. I want more and she can see it in my eyes.

She pushes me down.

“Lick me.” she moans.

Without a second to lose, I do as she demands and I begin to lick her clit. She’s dripping wet and I can feel myself getting harder and harder the louder I make her moan.

Her breathing gets heavier and louder as her body wriggles with pleasure. I stop only to bite her inner thigh. Her senses are heightened and as I bite her, it’s almost as though her body melts.

“Let me feel you inside me!” she says, grinning ear to ear.

I pull myself towards her so we’re facing each other. She grabs my cock and slowly guides it towards her. I feel the tip of my penis enter her and I hold my position, not moving a muscle.

Then as slow as I possibly can, I pull myself nearer to her. My cock easing its way deeper inside her. I wish I could capture this feeling forever.

I eventually go as deep as I can, so she can feel every inch of me inside her. I feel her vagina contract around me, gripping me. It feels divine. At that moment, I’m almost lost in her eyes.

I felt pressure build up on the tip of my dick, slowly pushing me out.

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I pick her up and carry her over to the wall, pressing her against it as I fuck her hard and fast whilst still holding her in my arms. I must have hit the sweet spot, as I felt pressure build up on the tip of my dick, slowly pushing me out.

She forces my cock out, squirting while her body shakes.

I slide my cock back inside her again and move slowly in and out for a moment.

“Reckon you can squirt again?” I ask.

“Yes! She pants.

I stand her on the floor and dive back onto the bed, beckoning her to follow me. She straddles me and starts riding me. I can feel the pressure building up again.

“FUCK!!” She yells as she comes again, hard.

“It’s your turn.”

She kneels down beside the bed as I stand up. Caressing my balls as she slowly licks and sucks my shaft. My leg twitches and she feels my dick throb. I erupt. I smile and say between breaths:

“Best. Business. Trip. Ever”

“And it ain’t over yet, big boy…” She giggles.

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