He was sitting in the waiting room reading Sports Illustrated when the door opened, and an attractive and professionally dressed woman in a business suit with a short skirt opened the door and said, “Rex Hartley?”

“Yes,” he responded, and putting down the magazine, got up and walked over to her as she smiled and extended her hand in a cordial handshake. “I’m doctor Harrison, my pleasure to meet you, our receptionist has left for the day. Sorry for the wait but a patient had a crisis that required an emergency phone call and a sedative prescription order.”

A bit confused, Rex said, “Oh,… my appointment was with a Dr. Reginald Harrison?”

“Dr. Reginald Harrison is my husband, and we have a joint practice, but he is quite ill with the flu today, so I’m covering his patients for him. I hope that’s alright with you?”

“Well, ah,” Rex was thinking to himself that it would have been a nice courtesy for the office to have texted, phoned or emailed him a message and rescheduled the appointment, but he responded with, “Oh, ah, sure, if you think it’s Ok?” He’d already been in the waiting room for forty-five minutes.

“What do you mean, Ok?” she asked with a quizzical look on her face.

Feeling slightly embarrassed Rex explained, “I was referred by my primary doctor to your husband because I wanted to have a consultation with a psychologist who specializes in human sexuality.”

“Oh, I see, and I understand your concern. Reginald and I both specialize in that field of psychology, in fact, that’s how we met at the University of Florida.”

Thinking he might as well get another question clarified, “So your personal clients, patients, are males also?”

“Nearly fifty percent.”

“Well,… Ok.”

“You can trust me, I’m a doctor,” she joked with a warm, reassuring smile that lightened the mood. “Come on into my office, and we’ll get started. You can use that chair, and I’ll sit across from you at my desk, or you can sit in the leather recliner, and I’ll sit here with no desk between us.” Rex chose the leather lounger as it looked quite comfortable and seemed to fit the shrink scenes he’d seen in movies. “Most of my patients make that choice,” she said with another assuring warm smile that exuded confidence.” “She does have a good bedside, or couch, manner,” Rex thought to himself.

“I have all your basic medical information from your primary physician doctor, and the notation on the referral says you are age 18 and this appointment is in regards to your mother. Is that correct?”

“Yes, actually she’s my step-mother. I was adopted at age nine. Her husband deserted her after the adoption. He was a deadbeat, an abusive drunk.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Rex. About the abuse I mean. So, what is it that brings you here today?”

“It wasn’t my idea to come here. It was my mother’s. She says I need to talk to a medical professional and make sure our relationship is not doing me harm, that it’s healthy.”

“Why would cause her to say something like that? What do you think, do you feel you’re being harmed in your relationship with your mother?”

“Not at all, in no way, not the slightest bit. The truth is, I might as well save us a lot of time and tell you I’m in love with my Mom, I totally adore and worship her.”

“Hmmm. Have you,… do you have any kind of, well, physical, sexual relationship? Is that what you mean?”

“Yes. Most definitely. An amazing, fantastic, loving personal and sexual relationship. Just talking about it, thinking of her now, ah, makes me feel some arousal.”

“Oh, I see Rex. This is a very serious situation for you and your mother. I want to ask you some questions.” Rex gave a nod of approval, then answered a series of questions that took a half hour, about his relationship with his mother while Dr. Harrison made notes. Then looking satisfied she said, “I don’t find anything in your relationship with your mother that wouldn’t be what medically and mentally are considered healthy. And you’re doing excellent in college, have friends, participate in sports and show no signs of depression or neurosis. In fact, I’d say you’re far better adjusted than the vast majority of males your age.”

“So, that’s it, are we all done here Doctor Harrison?”

“I should tell you that your relationship with your mother is called the Oedipus Complex. It’s well studied in the medical journals, and much was written about it in Greek and other societies and mythologies. The son falls madly in love with his mother and if the father is around, the son will drive him off or may even kill the father to become her lover. Dr. Sigmund Freud was the first to recognize this sexual dynamic in humans. He hypothesized that every male has this fixation, but few ever act on it.”

“Mom’s husband wasn’t my real father, and he is long gone and probably dead from booze and drugs by now. But if he ever did return, he would be in mortal danger from me if he dared so much as to touch her. So, what does this all mean?”

“Just what you told me. You’re deeply and passionately in love with your mother, and in fact. She has been your emotional and socially nurturing mother, and is now your lover. Is there any type of kinky or sadomasochism sexuality involved?

“Not at all, she’s the most amazing sexy lover and beautiful person, far beyond what I could ever imagine.” Rex noticed Dr. Harrison crossing and uncrossing her legs, shifting her shapely ass, and was obviously sexually stirred up by the conversation. She was wearing stiletto heels and no nylons with a low-cut white silk blouse, and was fiddling with a pearl necklace.

“Well, did your mother, ah, let me put it this way. Were you a virgin when you first had sex with your mother?”

“Oh no doctor, I’d had sex with a number of girls and one older woman.”


“She was 25.”

Doctor Harrison chuckled, but found her scientific interest peaked about this mother son relationship. She’d never had a patient with the Oedipus complex, and she also was undeniably aware her Id was causing her vagina to become very moist and warm. She’d never had a patient who aroused her like Rex. “So, what makes your step-mother so, as you say, amazing?” she asked, thinking about what a text book study case this might be as she also tried to get her libido to back off.

“She’s incredibly sexy with beautiful legs, she works out, has an indescribable luscious ass, delightful waist, a darling smile, and sweet kisses like a horny angel.” Rex was shocked and surprised by what he’d just said. Dr. Harrison was the first person he’d ever told about his sexual relationship with his mother, and would be the last he promised himself.

“Wow, that’s rather, … rather, incredible,” the doctor replied with a faint gasp while feeling herself flush and again began moving her legs squeamishly back and forth feeling hotter in her female wetness. She realized how she was sitting and that her dress had moved up revealing her pussy through her sheer light beige panties. She noticed how quickly he averted his eyes, looking embarrassed. Her sexually charged Id was engaging in serious warfare with her professional mind.

Her mind was suddenly trapped in a triangle of scientific interest about this case of Oedipus complex, this client’s hot mother, and her own stirred up libido that was causing her to experience rapidly increasing sexual arousal. Her own long suppressed Id and libido had broken out of the Societal Norm Coral and were in runaway tandem force. In a sexual fog, she became aware Rex was speaking again.

“She, my Mom, is so different than the others, it’s like I’d never had sex or made love before the first time we both became hopelessly turned on in foreplay and had sexual intercourse. My whole sense about love and fucking changed forever. She loves with her total being, her complete self.”

Hardly able to speak and half choking on her words Dr. Harrison uttered, “Can you tell me more about the difference,” she finally said, unable not to look at Rex’s crotch to see if there was a bulge. She was a cock starved woman now, not just a doctor, who was as hungry as a grizzly bear mother coming out of hibernation.

“You’re a doctor, and this is your field, so I’ll trust you and be frank and honest,” Rex began his list. “Her soft voice makes me so hot, her walk, the way her Rubenesque ass moves makes my penis drip, my balls pull up tight and firm, she takes her hand and caresses my hard-on making it have a purple head, her clit gets a fantastic erection, and her G-spot swollen ridges make me almost cum when I pleasure finger fuck her. But then, when she finally tells me, I enter her heavenly hot and juicy pussy, my cock feeling her swollen lips, and there are no words to describe how my Mom’s pussy loves and sucks my cock as I fuck her. If I picture her in my mind with her legs spread, a smile on her face, and displaying to me her pussy, and my cock gets steel hard.”

Dr. Harrison was unaware she had her hand up her dress touching herself. Her Id had won the war. Now she was thinking how much she wanted to seduce this patient, something she could never have even imagined doing, and satisfying her sex starved cunt. Rex looked and saw what she was doing but the bulge in his pants was for Mom, and he asked, “What are you doing, Dr. Harrison?”

“I’m a doctor, but I’m also a woman, and you’ve never even seen my husband. His picture on our website is from eight years ago! Over the past five years, he has become very inactive and just loves to go to expensive dinners with colleagues and eat like a glutton. His only exercise is the repetitious lifting of forks full of fattening food to his mouth. He’s gained fifty-seven pounds, and we haven’t had any sex in over three years!” she said in an outburst, and with tears ready to spill onto her cheeks. Then she added, “If he’s standing in the bathroom naked he can’t even see his penis hiding safely below his huge belly.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, and you being in the sexual psychology field and all. That must be pure torture.”

“It’s been driving me crazy. I need to get laid. A good serious fucking.” Her eyes were now full of sexually begging, as she moved her legs back and forth and leaned into him, and her wet aching vagina erased the last of her professional pride. She knew she was desperately pleading for a pity fuck and didn’t care.

“No, no, I can’t Dr. Harrison. I’m in love with my mother. I couldn’t even get aroused if I did want to give you some sexual relief. You’re a beautiful woman. I’m sure you can easily find someone else. I’m not right for you.”

Dr. Harrison recovered her senses slightly as the taxing mental triangle released its hold on her somewhat. Rex stood up and could see she was still holding out a faint hope as she moved her ass on her chair side to side, with her legs apart. Rex could see her sumptuously swollen pussy mound.

“Thank you, Dr. Harrison, for the consultation, it’s been helpful, and I feel even more in love with Mom. I so sorry about your predicament,” and then he politely shook her sweaty, cold hand and gingerly walked out, carefully shutting the door.

Arriving back at home, as he walked in the front door his Mom asked, “So how did everything go?”

“Not as far as Dr. Harrison would have liked, but everything is fine. You and I have a lovely Oedipus complex relationship,” he answered as he went over to her, pulled her next to him and kissed her tenderly as she felt his cock starting to swell. “I’m a very lucky boy Mom.”

“Oh, I know, I know. Would you like me to spoil you a little bit with some pussy love?” she said in her sultry voice while she pushed her already wet, hot, and hungry vagina against him.


The above was an erotic story by Mason Lane, see more here – https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/154441

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