Caught in the Act

I’d fantasised about being caught in the act – then it happened

The silver label of the opened pot of pleasure gel beside the bed was the last thing I saw before my eyes involuntarily fluttered closed. Where I’d usually find a calming blackness, instead there was a swirl of sparks and colour as the vibrations from the wand vibrator I was ‘testing’ sent breathtakingly pleasurable sensations shooting through my body.  

I moved the deliciously rigid head into exactly the right position and was rewarded by the first glimpse of those familiar tendrils of orgasm. Nerve-endings in my clitoris, throat, deep in my pussy and up the length of my spine tingled fiercely and in sync, as if suddenly connected with an electric yet invisible bond. 

Giving myself over to the feeling, I kept my eyes closed against distractions, spread my legs a little wider and pushed my head back against the pillow. I was ready for the wand vibrator to push me over the edge of that glorious waterfall, to lose myself in the frothy mist of pure pleasure somewhere beyond time. 

“Having fun, kitten?” 

With a startled yelp, my eyes flew open and my hands fumbled to find the off button while a voice yelled distantly in my mind to stay cool, calm and collected. The voice was drowned by embarrassment. Cheeks flushing scarlet, my vision finally cleared enough to make him out properly. Stood at the end of the bed and, from the smile on his face and the tell-tale bulge in his trousers, enormously enjoying the show.  

“I’m, er… I needed to test this out…,” I started to explain, breathlessly and completely needlessly. 

“Mm-hmm. I think I can help with that.”  

I didn’t so much see him reply as simply hear him, as my vision once more lost the fight against my self-consciousness. I did the only thing I was capable of right then; gave myself over to the moment, to him and his desires… and simply trusted.  

He pulled me down towards him by my legs, with the wand vibrator still plugged in –although finally, thankfully, off- and getting tangled. With his urging, I was flipped over on to my front, and he located the wand, straightening the cord. I felt the still-warm head as he climbed up between my legs and placed it against my lubricated, puffy labia, wriggling it snugly against me not only to ensure maximum contact, but no doubt to enjoy my squirms and bitten-off yelps as reminders of the almost-orgasm flooded my body. 


I almost leapt off the bed as he switched it on once more, and probably would have if not for his hands on my buttocks pinning me down to the bed. He’d ramped it all the way up to the highest constant vibration, exactly what I need to get off, the wonderful bastard. Soft laughter met my ears, but I had no time for more shame.  

Strong fingers of one hand spread my cheeks, revealing my most private entrance to him, and I felt the brief movement of air across that intimate zone before it was snuffed out by cold, thick, gel. The first two fingers of his other hand ably dabbed the cold glob directly on my entrance. Combined with the powerful buzz of the wand vibrator through my vulva and teasing the nerves of my clitoris, my mind melted to a mush of white noise.  

His intentions were clear in hindsight, but in my pleasure-intoxicated state his every move was a thrilling surprise. Through the nipple- and throat-tingling buzz of the wand placed firmly between my legs, I felt the tip of his index finger enter me from behind, the layer of gel lubricant cushioning the journey. Widening me ever so slowly with one finger, he soon worked his way up to another, a shallow probing that stretched me comfortably. As his fingers dared travel deeper, the rest of his hand hit against my sticky pussy entrance, ripping gentle moans from my throat and making it a struggle to stay still enough to not present a challenge. 

Then, all of a sudden, I was devastatingly empty. The wand vibrator continued to buzz through my vulva and tingle my clit, but his fingers had departed, leaving my arse coated and outlined with gel and primed for the air’s chill. 

A soft slap of leather through a loop, his movement behind me and an undone zip. I didn’t realise my eyes were open until I saw the shadows change, and I naturally gripped the sheets beneath me tighter in anticipation, remembering to tap into my absolute trust in him, breathing through that trust as a diver relies on his oxygen tank.  

His naked heat is like a furnace as he brings his body closer, enveloping my body with his from behind. Both of his hands press against my cheeks once again as he uses his body weight to spread them and allow himself full, unrestricted access. The coldness is gone now, and there’s nothing but him, and the heat, and the pleasure coursing through me from the wand and the knowledge it’s about to become even greater… 

Then we’re connected. The warm tip of his erection presses against my puckered, lube-slicked hole, expertly seeking its sheath as his hands remain holding me spread. Thanks to his thoughtful, teasing preparation, the head of his cock slips inside. I feel, rather than hear, him groan above me as he fights against instant self-indulgence and forces himself to take time over his conquest.  

With the protection of the thick gel, I can feel every millimetre of his penetration and enjoy it too. A somewhat masochistic enjoyment. His large phallus pushing inside my tightest entrance is never an easy take; it’s a learned pleasure. He knows it’s hard for me and fucks me so slowly, or perhaps he simply enjoys drawing out the almost-too-tight-to-bear sensation, dragging me so close to the boundary edge and watching my reaction. It’s difficult to tell.  

The pushing becomes firmer and deeper, and his grunts become more vocal, competing with my own involuntary outbursts for air space. As so often happens, it’s when I know he’s close to orgasm that my own is triggered, as if the final piece of my pleasure puzzle during shared intimacy is his complete satisfaction, snuffing out any residual self-consciousness from toy stimulation and overwhelming me.  

I have a full-body orgasm, no doubt to punish me for teasing with the almost-orgasm earlier, and from the prolonged through-vulva teasing of the wand combined with his anal exploration. It’s only his weight on me, impaling me in place with his cock, which keeps me in position; my knuckles white gripping the sheets and eyes squeezed closed as my mouth loudly professes the strength of my climax.  

That’s what he’s been waiting for. With my vision in a spin regardless of whether my eyes are open or closed, and my body not even slightly recovered from my shattering orgasm, he surges forward with renewed strength. His absolute favourite time to raggedly fuck me is when I’m overly sensitive and worn-out from my own orgasm, and my lack of strength and restricted movement means I’m unable to do anything about the wand vibrator still buzzing wildly between my legs, beating my saturated, surrendered pussy. 

Pressing down on my shoulders, hard, he fucks my arse with his full, pulsing length. His delight in victory, with nothing standing between him and his never-to-be-denied pleasure, spills from his lips. Unintelligible sounds, grunts and moans combine with growled promises about to become reality. His orgasm tremors through his body as he gives a low roar, flooding me with his hot, liquid triumph. All I can do is accept his erotic prize with ecstatic, rasping breaths, my body still quivering in its own afterglow.  

All too soon, he returns me to a state of lonely emptiness, slipping his spent cock from me, switching off the wand and leaving my sweat-slicked body to the caress of the cool air. I’m unable to move, happily exhausted, completely used, still paddling in the shallow waters of my orgasm.  

“Testing going well then?” he asks in a smug voice, as he begins to clean himself up by the bedside. 

I’m lost for words. My throat decides to respond with a low, piteous whine, just as his cum begins to escape, slowly sliding down to coat the contours of my pussy.