Top 10 Horror Novels of all Time

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This list is our top 10 horror novels of all time. We have some classics in this list and also some newer titles. These books are sure to have you hiding behind your loved one. The Haunting of Hill House IT Frankenstein The Shining Dracula The Silence of the Lambs [...]

Write Like Stephen King

How to Write Like Stephen King

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On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft [amazon asin=1444723251&title=hi&thumb=,204,203,200_.jpg&template=thumbnail]


Top 10 Fantasy Novels of All Time

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This was a hard top 10 list to come up with. There are so many fantastic fantasy novels to choose from. A Game of Thrones The Hobbit / The Fellowship of the Ring Harry Potter The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe The Gunslinger The Northern Lights Eragon Conan the [...]

short horror story

How to Write a Horror Short Story

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15 Tips to help you write a killer horror short story! Fear is the oldest emotion that we humans have and it has been with us since time began and since the human imagination knows no limits, this fear can quickly spiral into a slippery slope. Some have managed to [...]