Voise Coin – advantages and disadvantages

The team behind the crypto currency is small and mostly unknown. This does not automatically mean that it must be a failure. It’s just harder to know how the coin development will take place. The team is not amateurish, the roadmap is well thought out and the idea of using the Ethereum blockchain and its Smart Contracts is great. At the same time the team is very active in the social media and forums. So they don’t lack devotion.

The Voise crypto currency is not the only one that deals with music or art. Other blockchain-based platforms are also advancing into this segment, focusing on either music or creative people in general. Whether the coin can exist or coexist with other platforms remains to be seen. What Voi/se has ahead of the others, however, is the fact that artists can keep all revenues to themselves.

Voise Coin Course – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin profit

The coin is a still quite young crypto currency and buying Voise Coin is only possible since October 2017. At the beginning the price was not bad and started with 1 cent. In the Bitcoin profit course of October, the price rose to 2 cents. Possibly it is because the crypto currency went on the stock markets at a time when the general hype about the coins was already going on.

At the end of the month, the Voise Coin price fell back to 1 cent, and in November it finally fell to below 1 cent per coin. In most cases, the price remained at 0.5 cents. In December, the crypto currency was better again, the price reached 1 cent again. After all, January was the most successful month to date. Within a few days, the price jumped to 4, then 6 and finally 13 cents per VMS. After this hype, the price fell in the course of the month, but seems to stabilize at 2 cents.

The Voise Coin forecast: There is a lot of potential in the project, but it is not possible to say exactly how the price will develop in the future. It might be worthwhile to buy VSM coin now, while the crypto currency is quite cheap. Should the team work through more goals on its roadmap and users and artists discover the platform for themselves, more traders will certainly be aware of the coin.

Where can the Bitcoin trader buy the Voise Coin?

Despite the young age of the crypto currency, there are some exchanges where the Bitcoin trader can buy the Voise Coin. These include Livecoin, CoinExchange, HitBTC, Ether Delta, Bit-Z and Cryptopia. Often the coin has to be exchanged by the Bitcoin trader for Bitcoins or Ether.

Conclusion Voise Coin
Voise Coin does not reinvent the wheel, but has the potential to do many things right. The only difference is that the small team are unknown newcomers, which might be a stomachache for some traders. You should definitely keep an eye on the platform.

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