The Girlfriends Condition

It was a sunny Saturday morning, I was sitting in the kitchen of my apartment drinking coffee when my cell rang.

“Hi man” said Andy once I picked up, “You home”?

“Yes” I answered.

“Busy?” he continued.

“Not especially” I said.

“Great, then I’m on my way over. There’s something I have to talk to you about”, he said and with that clicked off.

I thought nothing special of it, Andy and I have been close friends for over 10 years, since middle school, and we would pop in whenever we needed to talk to each other which was often.

I finished drinking my coffee and washed my mug just as I heard a knock on the door and went over to open it.

“Hey, Nick” Andy said shaking my hand with his regular carefree smile, “how are you?”.

“Pretty good Andy, come on in. Do you want some coffee or something” I offered.

“Thanks man, I’m good for now” he replied.

I led him to the living room and we sat down.

After exchanging some more pleasantries and the usual chitchat, I asked him what he wanted to talk about.

Andy was looking a bit anxious which was not like him at all, but started talking nonetheless.

“Ok listen, I’m gonna talk to you about something but this is between us “.

“No problem” I answered, my interest peaked.

“It has to do with Penny” he went on.

Penny was Andy’s girlfriend. They have been dating for the past 4 years, and moved in together less than a year ago. She was really nice and we became quite friendly with one another. We would talk and meet up every once in awhile even without Andy, but always as friends.

What does he want to talk to me about that has to do with Penny? I thought to myself. Maybe he is going to propose to her, I kept thinking.

“Go ahead”, I told him. “You know me, I won’t say a word”.

Andy started: “So, you know we have been together for quite some time now. Well, something interesting came up when we were talking last night. Now it came up as a joke but we started talking about it seriously”.

“About what seriously?” I asked, sure that he was going to say marriage.

“Threesomes” He answered to my surprise, blushing slightly.

“We started talking about threesomes and things escalated pretty wildly. She asked me if we ever decided to have a threesome who would I want to join us. I wasn’t sure if she was for real or not but I decided to take my chances and said Amanda, her hot blond friend from work”.

“And what did she say?” I asked fascinated.

“You wouldn’t believe it”, Andy continued telling “Penny was into it. She said she liked my choice and that on multiple occasions Amanda told her she thought I was good looking. Also, she said Amanda isn’t seeing anyone right now and that she is pretty sure she will be onboard if she asks her.”

“NICE!” I said when he finished. Envying the lucky bastard like hell.

“Wait” Andy said blushing, “that’s not the whole story. Penny said that she will do it on one condition”.

“What’s that?” I asked him interested.

“She said that if we have a threesome with one of her friends, it only fair we also have a threesome with one of my friends”.

“Damn, who did she say?” I asked wide-eyed.

Andy looked down at the floor before raising his gaze to look me in the eyes and quietly answer: “You Nick”.

I was shocked and embarrassed but at the same time extremely flattered that Andy’s hot girlfriend wanted me.

“And what did you tell her?” I managed to ask after my shock wore off.

“I told her I would talk to you about it”. Andy answered.

After a long pause, Andy was the first one to speak: “So what do you say?”

It took me a few seconds to put together an answer: “No way”!

“What? Why not?” Andy said disappointed and surprised.

“You can’t be serious” I replied rhetorically. “I am not going to have sex with your girlfriend and you. It will be weird and wrong and so not me”.

Andy didn’t give up: “Come on man, do this for me. You’ve met Amanda right? You know how hot she is. I want to fuck her so bad but Penny will only do it if you agree as well”.

“Sorry man but my answer is no. And I think you know it’s for the best”. I said ending the discussion.


The following week I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation, but the days after that the thought was gradually pushed away from my mind. Andy didn’t mention the conversation after that and we continued hanging out as nothing happened.

On the other hand, I didn’t see or talk to Penny for a few weeks after that. It didn’t seem intentional, there was always a good reason why she wasn’t around, but I still had a notion that she was avoiding me because Andy told her I said no.

It was 3 weeks after our conversation when I talked to her again. I was driving home from work when I heard my phone ring. I looked down at the screen and saw Penny’s name on it. I panicked at first but answered the phone nonetheless.

“Hey honey” I heard Penny say through the car speakers (Yes she calls me honey. As I wrote, we’re friends).

“Hey Penny, it’s been a while” I answered my heart beating fast.

“Yeah, sorry about that, I’ve been super busy the last few weeks” She said innocently.

“Don’t worry about it” I said relaxing a little.

“Actually, I was hoping to fix that” Penny said.

I tensed up again and Penny continued: “Andy’s birthday is this weekend and I am organizing a night out in town to celebrate”.

I was relieved for a second when she started talking but then realized that I forgot my friend’s birthday with all that has been going on. I was mad at myself for forgetting but played it cool: “Of course, sounds nice. Who else is coming?”

“The usual gang” Penny answered knowing that I will know exactly who she is referring to.

She gave me the details: dinner and a bar or two, and hung up with a final “see you on Friday honey”.

I was feeling at ease when we finished our conversation. Determined to put the matter that was on my mind behind me for good.


Andy’s birthday arrived. We decided to meet up at his place before going out and I took a cab there, bringing with me his present, an expensive bottle of bourbon I knew he would like.

I arrived at his apartment and was greeted by Penny who had a big smile on her face.

Penny was 23 years old and 5’8 tall with long auburn hair. She was quite slim but in an athletic built way. Tonight she was wearing a pair of tight black jeans, a white buttoned blouse covered by an elegant jeans jacket and a pair of low heels. She looked stunning.

Penny greeted me warmly with a hug and a peck on the cheek. She told me how good it is to see me and after a few more pleasantries I went over to say hello to Andy and wish him a happy birthday.

After everyone arrived we got into the town cars Penny ordered and started the celebrations.

It was great. We started with an excellent dinner and finished off with a few drinks and toasts at a bar (some of us more than a few). Eventually, we called it a night and each of us headed back to his place. Andy suggested that I share a cab back with him and Penny, their place being right on the way to mine and I agreed.

On the ride back we congratulated Penny on throwing a great birthday and Andy said what a great time he had and how he wished he could celebrate some more.

“Hey, I have an idea” Andy said just before we got to his place. “Why don’t you come up for a drink, I will open that nice bottle you got me. I’m not ready to call it a night.”

I obliged to the birthday boy and when the cab stopped at his place, all three of us got out and went up to his apartment.

We got to the apartment and I sat down on the living room sofa while Penny went to freshen up and Andy headed to the kitchen. After a minute or so Penny came back without her heels on, a more comfortable jacket on, and sat down on the sofa next to me. A second later Andy came out of the kitchen with the bourbon and 2 elegant glasses to drink in. At first I didn’t realize why only 2 but then I remembered, Penny doesn’t drink alcohol.

Andy put the glasses down on the table and opened the bottle slowly to ceremonial noises Penny and I made (it was a very nice bottle of bourbon). He poured each of us a drink, we clinked our glasses in cheers and happy birthday wishes. Andy bent down to Penny and gave her nice kiss on the lips before sipping the golden nectar.

We finished our first drink while talking and laughing, the alcohol loosening my tongue a bit even so I was still very much in control.

We finished the first drink and I poured us another when sober Penny suddenly said: “I am getting bored, let’s do something fun”.

“Like what?” asked Andy excited.

“I don’t, play a game or something. I’ll go see what we have” Penny said as she got up and went in the other room, doing what sounded like rummaging through a closet.

Andy and I were still working on our second drink when Penny came back with a pack of cards.

“This is all I found, let’s play cards.” She said sitting back down and removing the cards from the deck.

“What card game should we play” I asked them.

“I was thinking poker” Penny replied.

“Or”, Andy jumped in, “If you guys are feeling a little wild, we can play strip poker”.

After an awkward silence, Penny answered first, her cheeks blushing: “You’re sure that’s what you want babe?”.

Andy assured her that it was and Penny agreed, looking unwilling and turning to look at me and see what I have to say.

“What the hell” I said next, drinking what remained in my glass in one sip, the drinks I had so far making me feel much more courageous and inclined to things.

“Alright!” Andy cheered, clearly the alcohol getting to him too.

Penny started dealing the cards while Andy poured us one more drink to help settle the nerves. Even though alcohol helped, all three of us were nervous. I can’t even imagine what Penny was going through, she didn’t have even one sip of alcohol.

The cards started coming and the clothes started going. The first hand was lost by Andy who jokingly strip teased his jacket off. After a few more tension-filled rounds, we each remained with only our shirt and pants on (and whatever we had underneath).

Now things were getting interesting. I lost the next round and had to remove my shirt, exposing my smooth chest and stomach, a bit of muscle from the sports I do but nothing fancy.

The next 2 hands Penny lost to my delight. On the first one, she stood up next to me and slowly took off her jeans, revealing sexy black panties that tightly wrapped her lovely ass, and a pair of long smooth legs. Just after, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, giving us a view of a matching black bra gracefully cupping her breasts and her smooth flat belly. She sat back down blushing bright red.

I barely got to take it in and enjoy her body before the next hand was dealt and I lost, forcing me to take my pants off and sit back down wearing only my boxers.

Andy was sitting on the couch next to us smirking, still fully clothed as the next hand was dealt, which he lost, and also the one after. He started by taking of his shirt, revealing his very muscular upper body, and just after had to remove his pants, sitting back down wearing only his boxers. The smirk left his face.

We sat there as Andy dealt this crucial hand, Andy and I in boxers and Penny in her panties and bra. My heart was racing as I picked up the cards and took a look. I was satisfied with the cards I got and after all three of us showed our hands, the losing one belonged to Andy.

“Oh man” he said disappointed, “I didn’t think I was going to be the first one out”.

And with that Andy got up and in one quick motion took off his boxers and sat back down, his cock semi-erect and in clear view. It was bigger than average, I wasn’t sure how big exactly since it wasn’t hard but it looked about the size of my cock only thicker, but also a bit crude if that makes sense. Andy was sitting there not looking very embarrassed. On the other hand why should he be, Penny certainly saw it before and so did I (camping trip a few years back, nothing interesting, don’t ask).

“Guess since I’m out I’ll deal the cards” Andy said to my dismay.

Fuck, he wants us to continue I thought to myself but didn’t say anything.

Andy dealt another hand filling me with dread, and when we showed our cards I saw that I won the hand.

Penny was red as a tomato. I looked over at naked Andy and he looked happy, like he was fine that I was about to see his girlfriend topless.

Penny didn’t bother standing up, she reached back with both hands and unclasped her bra, letting it fall off and giving me a very close look at her round breasts. They were beautiful: perfectly round, large and perky with small bright coin size areolas and tipped with small very hard nipples.

Just the sight of her tits started making my cock hard, a fact that was impossible to conceal with me wearing only boxers. I noticed Penny glancing towards the tent I was forming, probably hoping that I would lose the final hand and she will get a good look at what I was hiding.

Andy was also very visibly getting hard from looking at his girlfriend’s tits but he was determined to see the game through to the end and dealt us the final hand.

I was sure I would lose the last hand, I never was lucky when it came to cards.

We both picked up the cards and looked at them. Then Penny and I looked up from them and at each other before simultaneously showing what we had.

“WTF” Andy said the second we put the cards down. “What are the odds”?

We both had the exact same level hand, but before I could speak and say that I think we should just replay the hand, Penny spoke and surprised us both: “I think this means we both need to take our clothes off”.

Andy also seemed surprised by Penny’s words but jumped at the opportunity: “You’re right babe, it makes the most sense”.

Of course, it didn’t but what could I do, it was two against one and I surrendered.

“All right then, at the count of three” Andy said sounding like a happy toddler and started counting down.

Penny and I stood up and for some reason automatically faced one another. We were both really nervous but taking into consideration that she was already topless I would say I was much more.

At Andy’s “three”, we both took our underwear off and stood facing one another, completely naked. Each taking the image of the other in.

Penny was so fucking hot. Her long auburn hair, gorgeous breasts with her nipples still rock hard and finally at the top of her long smooth legs, her completely shaved pussy.

My cock was in full salute for the display and Penny was taking it and me in as well, a look of lust on her face.

We stood there facing each other for what seemed like hours but actually was only a few seconds before Penny came to her senses first and sat back down, her boyfriend Andy still sitting on the couch naked.

As soon as Penny sat down I also came to my senses and sat down next to her, at the same spot I was sitting.

Just as I finished taking my sit, not knowing where to bury myself, Andy got up with a sly smile on his face and came towards us, his dick still hard.

Andy came over to the sofa and sat down next to Penny, pushing her a little for room and closing the gap between Penny and I, our bare thighs now touching and my erect cock only a few inches away from her smooth pussy.

As we sat there on the sofa, nude, Penny in the middle and Andy and I on both sides of her, my eyes involuntarily glided over to Andy’s cock. Not in a sexual way of course, just to see who has the bigger cock but I couldn’t really tell, they looked the same length.

Andy, sitting next to his sexy girlfriend, both naked, was finally overtook with desire and could not help himself. He took his left hand, moved it over to between Penny’s legs and started fingering her cunt with his middle finger, even though I was sitting right next to her.

Penny did not stop him, just the opposite. His action seemed to bring her over the edge. At the first insertion of his finger into her she let out a soft sexy moan that she repeated with every movement of his fingers inside her.

A bit of fingering was all it took on Andy’s part for Penny to take action. She reached over, grabbed Andy’s hard cock and started stroking it to his sounds of approval.

At the same time, to my disbelief and glee she took her other hand, placed it on my nice hard cock and started stroking it too.

Her hand was so soft, and only took a few strokes to bring me to a state in which I didn’t care she was my friend’s girlfriend. I didn’t care that my friend, her boyfriend, was right there with his hand in her pussy. I just wanted to fuck her! Fuck that divine sexy redheaded angel (or demon).

Andy must have read my mind because not a few strokes passed and he removed his hand from Penny’s pussy and got up on his feet.

“Get up” Andy said offering me his hand.

“Fuck” I thought to myself. I knew that this was a bad idea. Of course, he wouldn’t be fine with me fucking his girlfriend, who would be.

But while my mind was racing, something completely different happened. I felt Penny grab my cock again and pull on it so I would turn around to face her. At that moment I felt an amazing sensation as Penny, still holding my cock put her mouth around it and started sucking my cock gently.

I snapped back to reality and was faced with an entirely different scenario than the one in my head: Penny was seating on the sofa, Andy and I standing above her. She had a cock in each hand and mine also in her mouth, blowing me blissfully while stroking Andy.

I couldn’t stop myself and let out a pleasure-filled moan which put a smile on her still cock sucking face.

“Oh you like that”? She said after a second, removing my dick from her mouth.

“Uh Hu” was all I managed to say.

“Good, but now its Andy’s turn” Penny said with a fiendish smile and started sucking the tip of her boyfriend’s dick, making him moan while still stroking my cock.

I watched her expertly suck her boyfriend’s cock, starting at the tip and slowly going further until pulling it back out and in again.

After a few short minutes, Andy couldn’t take it any longer and I didn’t blame him. He announced, then came hard inside her mouth, groaning heavily as the orgasm hit him, filling her mouth with loads of cum.

Penny waited until he finished cumming, trying as best she could to hold it in her mouth. Then quickly took an empty glass from the table and spat the content of her mouth in it.

“Why did you do that?” she snapped at Andy sounding annoyed. She wiped her face with a napkin from the table and continued in the same tone “You know I hate it when you cum in my mouth”.

“Sorry babe, you were just so fucking good” said Andy with genuine remorse.

“Come on, let’s continue this in the bedroom” Penny said getting up and started heading to the bedroom with Andy at her side, giving me an excellent view of her ass.

Halfway to the bedroom they stopped and turned around towards me. “You coming Nick?” asked Penny and I quickly followed them.

When we got to the bedroom, Penny jumped on the bed and lay on her back, giving me the best view yet of her naked body.

“After I treated you so nicely, I think it’s time for you to repay me. I want you to eat my pussy”, and with that she spread her legs, showing off a mind-blowing pink pussy.

My cock was still as hard as ever but I wasn’t going to argue.

Andy jumped at the opportunity and headed for the prize when surprisingly Penny shut her legs denying him access.

“Not you”, Penny said to Andy, “you sit and watch after the stunt you pulled back there”.

“Come on babe” Andy said disappointed, “I’ll eat your pussy up just like you like”.

“Of course you will”, Penny said in an enticing voice, “but Nick will first”, and with that he sat over on the edge of the bed, his limp cock in his hand.

I couldn’t believe I was about to do it, but I did. I was all in at this point.

I crouched down and pulled her a little towards me so that her dripping pussy was an inch from my face, and then I got to work.

I began with my signature pussy eating move: I started out at the inside of her thigh just above her knee, then slowly kissed and licked my way to her pussy. Once there, I gently passed my tongue along her slit but then immediately continued along her other leg, getting her to release a sigh, part pleasure part annoyance. I then went back up her thigh and dove straight into her pussy.

Penny let out a loud sharp moan as I started tasting her. Her pussy tasted so good: warm, wet and delicious.

I started exploring her with my tongue, like a young boy trying to lick the last of his ice cream from an ice cream cone. I tasted and studied her to her constant moaning and groaning.

She seemed to be enjoying herself but I knew I could do better. Without Penny noticing, her eyes shut in pleasure, I took my index finger and while still licking her I inserted it deep into her soaking tight pussy, all the while looking up to see her face.

She let out a surprised squeak as my finger went in and I saw her eyes open in surprise and delight, looking down at me and moaning in approval as I started finger fucking her fast, Penny bucking herself on my finger. She was ecstatic.

“OMG Nick” she practically screamed after a bit and I pulled my finger out, “Fuck me. Fuck me right now” she said we a moan.

With that I stopped what I was doing and got to my feet, not believing what I just heard her say but ready to fuck her so bad.

Only then as I looked to the side I realized I forgot Andy was here. I was so caught up in his girlfriend’s pussy I forgot about him.

Andy was sitting at the edge of the bed, his cock back to being hard and a look of shock on his face.

Penny raised her head from the bed to see what was taking me so long and met her boyfriend eyes, noticing the look in his eyes and the fully erect cock he was stroking.

“You look ready to join us babe” Penny said to Andy as she sat up and got on her hands and knees so that her face was to Andy and her back was turned to me, her ass hanging in front of me.

Andy stood up where he was sitting and offered her his erect cook which she took in her mouth willingly and started sucking, meanwhile giving her ass a little wiggle as a sign to me.

I didn’t think twice. I grabbed her amazing ass and gave each cheek a lick. Then gave the outside of her pussy lips a final lick, and topped it off by spreading her ass and giving her asshole’s rim a strong lick with the tip of my tongue.

The last action caused her body to shudder and Andy looked up to see what I was doing to cause it.

Just as Andy looked up, I got on my knees behind Penny, grabbed my cock, awarded her with a few rubs on her pussy with it, and then penetrated his girlfriend with everything I had, Andy watching intently as I entered his girlfriend’s pussy for the first time. The same girlfriend who was sucking his dick so eloquently.

Just the sound she made as I plunged into her cunt, stifled by the cock in her mouth, could make a man cum.

Her pussy was heaven. She was so wet and tight I knew I wouldn’t hold on very long but I held myself as hard as I could.

I fucked her mercilessly, drawing ongoing moaning sounds from her cock filled mouth.

She was so entranced with me fucking her she couldn’t suck Andy’s cock anymore and just stroked it barely.

I continued fucking her hard but slowing down so I could hold on some more.

“No, don’t stop”, she said between moans, “I’m almost there…keep going… FUCK me…cum inside me…oh yeah keep going… OH GOD”, and with that the orgasm took over her.

She shrieked like a banshee as waves of orgasmic pleasure flowed through her making her body shake. I was still inside her holding her hips with both hands and breaching her with short hard thrusts.

It was a miracle I held on this long but her climax was too much for me. A few seconds after her shrieks of pleasure, her pussy clamped down on my cock and I came inside her like I never came before, shooting huge loads of thick cum deep inside her pussy, only strengthening the convulsions caused by her intense orgasm.

I waited for my orgasm to subside and pulled my dick out of her, her orgasm not completely subsiding yet.

She fell onto the bed and rolled onto her back, letting go of Andy’s cock as I lay down next to her catching my breath.

Penny was still panting heavily when Andy climbed on top of her. He held his body over hers, perched on his hands and lowered himself on top of her, their naked bodies connecting.

Andy looked his girlfriend in the eyes and started kissing her passionately. Not long after, Andy guided his hard cock to the entrance of Penny’s pussy and entered her, still kissing her soft red lips and disregarding the fact that she just climaxed powerfully by my fucking her.

I think that the sight of me fucking his girlfriend to orgasm made him hornier than ever because he was fucking her like a madman, thrusting his cock hard and deep inside her causing her to moan loudly, her large breasts bouncing tantalizingly.

I just lay there and watched as the couple fucked intensely, just like they do every day I thought to myself. I have to say I enjoyed it, laying on the bed next to them and seeing Andy plunge his cock deep inside Penny as she embraced every thrust with a cock-hardening moan and ignoring my presence.

My cock was not indifferent to their fucking as blood slowly started to rush back to it. I decided to help it and stood up on my knees. Penny and Andy noticed this but it did not slow them down as they kept fucking hard.

I moved a bit on the bed to where Penny lay and groans were coming out of her mouth, and without saying anything, I offered her my semi-erect cock which she took in her mouth.

She was surprised a bit at first but got over it quickly and started sucking me thoroughly, holding my cock in her hand and slowly taking it in, her tongue swirling around it wildly, all the while Andy still fucking her.

She sucked me so good I was hard in no time, letting out quiet sounds of pleasure. Andy seemed to like what he saw and wanted some too. He stopped his thrusting and pulled out of her. He got on the bed and crawled over to where I was. I noticed his movement and understood his intension so I quickly pulled my cock out of the warm haven of Penny’s mouth and rolled back getting to my feet.

Penny rolled over to lay on her side so she would be more comfortable and gladly took her boyfriend’s dick in her mouth, tasting the juices from her pussy on it.

I seized the opportunity and walked over Penny’s unattended pussy. It was pink, wet and a bit raw from the fucking she endured. But all that just made me want it more. I spread her legs a little and pushed my once again hard cock into her beautiful hole.

She gasped as my cock filled her up once again but continued sucking Andy’s dick expertly, making loud sucking noises as his cock left and reentered her mouth.

I was back to enjoying the warmth of her pussy clamping down on my cock and let out a sigh of pleasure. I grabbed her right thigh as I pulled it up and penetrated her continuously with her still laying on her side.

I fucked her powerfully, thrusting and plunging myself as deep as I could inside her, making her lovely tits jiggle but not causing her to stop sucking. She kept sucking on the cock in her mouth to Andy’s moans and calls of encouragement style “oh baby that feels so good” as she kept sucking his cock intently.

I was fucking Penny rhythmically as Andy, his cock still at full size, removed it from his girlfriend’s grasp and asked me to switch.

I obliged, pulling my throbbing fully erect dick from her pussy as Andy got off the bed and walked over.

Penny rolled over on to her stomach and got up on her hands and knees again, her ass held up invitingly for Andy to grab and do with as he pleased.

Andy got up on the bed behind her, gave her wonderful round ass a kiss and a playful echoing slap just before holding her hips with both hands and inserting his dick all the way inside her cunt with one swift motion.

Penny arched her back and let out an immense moan as the full size of her boyfriend’s cock entered her. He held there for a moment, then pulled his cock out to the tip and plunged it all the way back in, making her call out in pleasure again.

While taking in the sight of the two fucking, my dick was still painfully hard and I needed release. I got on the bed and moved over to Penny’s face. I got on my knees in front of her and offered her my cock, pressing it slowly into her mouth as she started blowing it again.

It felt wonderful to have my cock back inside her mouth, for the third time that night. She was sucking me vigorously, driving me crazy as her tongue wrapped around my cock every time it entered her mouth, causing even more pleasure. I took my hand and brought down to her breast, fondling it as it swayed back and forth from Andy fucking her. I caressed her breast gently, slid over it with my fingers, and right when I felt her nipple in the middle, rock hard, I pinched it with my thumb and index fingers.

Penny let out a squeal and shuddered as the pain of my fingers squeezing her hard nipple along with the pleasure from it washed over her, her pussy still being ravished by her boyfriend on the other end.

Her tongue pressed down hard on my cock and that with the combination of the sound she just made, I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer.

“I’m gonna cum” I said breathless, meaning to pull out and squirt my load on her face or back, knowing she doesn’t want me to cum in her mouth.

I started to pull out but Penny didn’t let me. Instead, she reached out with her hand and grasped the base of my cock hard with it, not letting me pull out as she continued sucking me faster and harder.

“I’m cumming” I announced, my cock still in her mouth as I climaxed, the wave of orgasm rushing through me, a groan escaping my lips as I shot my load in her mouth, my contorted pleasure-filled gaze locked onto her face studying her expression.

My cock popped out from between her lips when my orgasm subsided. She then swallowed the mouthful of cum to my complete and utter surprise and topped it off by licking my dick clean.

I collapsed on my back on the bed to the sounds of Penny moaning as an orgasm took over her as well.

Her body writhed wildly and her hands gave out from under her as her face fell onto the mattress, screaming in sexual ecstasy.

Andy kept fucking her throughout her intense orgasm, thrusting his cock deep into her cunt, making a slapping sound at the end of each thrust as their bodies collided.

I just lay there on the bed mesmerized as Andy finally climaxed inside his girlfriend. He finished with short powerful thrusts as he emptied his cum inside her, causing the exhausted Penny to let out barely audible soft hoarse moans.

Andy fell onto the bed exhausted and pulled Penny down with him, his cock pulling out of her as they both fell on the bed.

All three of us lay on the bed drained, Penny in the middle laying on her side facing me while Andy and I were laying motionless on both sides of her.

“Wow”, I managed to whisper laying on the bed next to, “what was that in the end?” I continued to ask Penny in a hushed voice “I thought you hated it when someone cums in your mouth?”.

She just put her lips to my ear and whispered: “I never tasted your cum before and I wanted to know what you taste like”.

I fell asleep almost immediately with that sentence playing in my head.


I felt a warm ray of sunshine on my arm just before opening my eyes the next morning. I opened them to find myself in a strange bedroom. It took me a second to realize who this bedroom belongs to and remember what happened the previous night.

I was laying on my back completely naked, my cock standing tall with a morning erection and I felt a warm naked body on the bed next to me.

I turned my head to the side and was instantly hit by the beautiful image of Penny’s naked body: Her red hair, smooth legs, shaved pussy, flat stomach and pink nipples at the tip of her large round boobs.

I looked at her and saw that she was already awake, her eyes open and glued to my erect cock. A smile formed on her face as she turned her gaze to meet mine.

“Good, you’re awake” she said sitting up, “come on let’s go take a shower” she continued, jumping of the bed to her feet and giving me a nice view of her firm round ass.

“What about Andy?” I asked, “do you want to wake him up?”.

“Na” she answered “Andy likes sleeping in late, now come on” and with that she reached over, grabbed my cock and pulled on it causing me to instantly jump to my feet.

She pulled me out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom by my cock.

“You know that everything that happened last night Andy and I planned in advance right?” she said as we got to the bathroom and she turned on the water with her free hand.

“Of course I do” I answered immediately, her hand still wrapped around my cock.

“Really” Penny continued with doubt, “When did you figure it out?”.

I pulled her close to me and held her with one hand while I brought the other one down, inserting my middle finger inside her wet pussy.

I put my lips to her ear, and just as she let out a low quiet moan I whispered: “I knew the second I felt your hand on my cock”.