As a slight early morning breeze wafted through the open balcony door, sunlight streamed through the slatted shutters causing rectangle shadows to form on the marble floor. The slight flatter of the shutters revealed a cloudless sky, with a sea of blue swooshing underneath it. I breathed in and closed my eyes briefly to the sounds of the waves meeting and distant seagulls crooning. A small smile formed on my lips, enjoying the tranquilness of my rousing­—an occurrence that happened quite rarely. Opening my eyes to draw in the scenery once more, I searched for the time. It was a few minutes before 8am. 

I had always favoured the side of the bed that was nearest to the window as I enjoyed the delicateness of the early morning ambience. Something about the break of the day drew in my senses, cradling me softly before the stresses of life broke through. Unlike the frenzied city life, accompanied by an equally hectic barrage of noise, I was sure a day in Bali would be starkly different. 

Craig and I checked into this seaside resort in Bali yesterday afternoon after almost half a day of travelling, and years of lethargy on our shoulders. It had taken us months to plan this trip, knowing too well that once Kyle, our only son, started high school in three weeks, our schedules would get worse. We thought middle school was tough, but my friends assured me that I was woefully wrong. 

Craig shifted slightly and drew me in, my back to his front. I thought that he would wake up, as he usually woke up before me. His slight snoring and heavy breathing against my neck were indications that he had fallen back to sleep. 

His 6 ft 2 to my 5 ft 4 frame meant that I fit against him snuggly. I took the opportunity to move in closer, as I always enjoyed the warmth emitting from his body, and that’s when my ass came into contact with his rigid cock. Last night, with zero energy to do nothing but eat and sleep, we got under the covers naked. Now, I was glad that we did. 

The ridges of his cock grazed my ass cheek, sending thrilling shocks throughout my body. I couldn’t help but close my eyes as my body pulsed with renewed energy. The softness and roundness of what he likes to call ‘juicy peach’ allowed for accurate tracing of every vein on his cock.   

It had been weeks since we had been intimate, and at that moment, I was feeling every inch of that depravity. It was easier to ignore it when I had back-to-back meetings as the CFO of an investment firm. But now, rested and with nothing to worry about, my libido was barrelling towards me­––unhinged and unbridled. 

Feeling him in this way, without him being aware of it, felt wrong—but equally exciting. Almost without thinking, I moved away slightly to reposition myself. This time, I positioned in such a way that his cock lay between my ass cheeks. My eyes rolled back when my ass and his cock met again. I let out a small sigh as my nerves exploded. 

Almost instantaneously, my hands reached for my nipples. Twirling and pulling at them, I rubbed my legs together and felt myself grind slightly on Craig’s cock. Excitement shot through me, threatening to rip me apart there and then. 

I wanted Craig inside me so bad, but I equally felt the guilt course through me. This was the first time he had slept through the night without jostling awake spouting mathematical formulas that needed to be rechecked. As an aerospace engineer, he would sometimes blank the world around him, immersed in what I could only imagine was endless rows of numbers. It would be selfish of me to wake him up, but the liquid pooling between my legs betrayed my good intentions.   

I shook my head to dislodge the sexual hunger that had come over me. I moved away, careful not to stir him awake, and put my problem-solving skills to the test. A shower might do the trick!

Looking back at the Adonis of a man sprawled on the bed, a smile formed on my lips. His stiff cock sprung forward, and I could have sworn I saw some precum on the tip, but he shifted, and I lost my view. Oh well more of that later on I guess, I thought as I turned on the shower. 

I took a step forward and let the lukewarm water wet my body. I closed my eyes as my nerves pricked and goosebumps formed on my body. I reached for the shower gel and quickly lathered the soapy mixture on my body. There was no rush, and I took my time to touch and feel every inch of my curvy body. I heaved slightly at the intensity that fanned around me as the earlier heat built up again. 

As the cool water washed off the soap from my body, I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them gently. It had been a while since I got this intimate with my own body, and I was surprised at how responsive I was. I squeezed and tagged––rolling my nipples between my thumb and index finger. Leaving my right hand on my breast, I trailed my left down my taut torso, passed my navel and landed firmly on my pussy. I knew the wetness between my legs wasn’t only because of the water that was cascading down my body.

Parting my pussy lips gently, I run my index finger along the slit. When I touched my clit, my body spasmed in response, threatening to liquify my legs. My mouth parted, and I sighed, feeling my body ripple with energy as I continued to play with my clit. I used my index and middle finger to rub the nub in a circular motion while twisting my nipple in rhythm. The combination of the lukewarm water streaming down my body and the intense pleasure coursing from my clit and nipple blanked out any thoughts or sense of reality. My sexual hunger was ready to be satiated. 

Just then, familiar hands encased my waist, and a gruff voice permeated the hazy fog. 

“Don’t stop…” Craig whispered as he moved in closer to me. 

He kissed my neck as his hands replaced mine, knowing too well what I desired. He knew just how much pressure to apply to send me toppling over the edge. I reached upwards to grab onto his neck for support, further pushing my breast into his eager hands. 

His height meant I had to tip-toe, propelling his cock to slip perfectly between my legs. 

“You are so fucking wet…” He growled, nipping at the edges of my neck. 

I couldn’t say anything but moan in response. 

He kneaded and flicked with expert precision, standing firmly as I ground my hips, moving front and back as my pussy rubbed on the ridges of his cock. His veiny cock rubbed my slit, parting my lips and catapulting the heat within me to intensify. As his hips met my ass, he moved the remaining hand to the other breast, tugging and pulling in turn. I closed my legs together to encase his cock further, feeling the blood pump through it as it grew bigger.  

The dam that had built up threatened to explode and I knew I needed him inside me for the finale. I needed to feel him. I need him to quench this longing that was lingering in the horizon. I needed for him to share in this grand eruption.

“I need you…” I managed to say. 

He growled under his breath, and without shifting position, entered from behind. 

My eyes shot open as his cock spread my pussy open to a glorious width. He sunk deep, cursing when his hips met my ass. 

“Baby…” was all he managed to utter as he retreated and penetrated once again­. 

My hands shot to the wall in front of us as I arched my back to provide a better angle. I spread my legs and leaned forward slightly as he plunged in once more. His hands were on my waist, as he penetrated slowly­. A brief glance behind told me he was enjoying the view of his thick cock disappearing and reappearing. 

“Fuck baby… you are dripping. Look how wet you’ve made my cock…” He whispered, spreading my ass cheeks for what I could imagine was a better view. 

My pussy produced some more juice in response. I loved hearing Craig call me baby––appreciating my pussy’s reaction to his undivided attention was an added bonus. 

His thrusts quickened, causing a slurping sound to meet our ears. This time around, his hands trailed from my ass up my torso to my breasts. The left remained on my breast, while the right encircled my throat, prompting me to simultaneously arch my back and move my head backwards to his shoulder. 

Instinctively, my mind went blank, reeling at the pounding I knew I was going to receive. 

With his hand on my throat and the other tugging at my nipple, his thrusts came fast and deep propelling me back and forth like a rag doll. I gave in to the onslaught as he ravaged my body without restraint. 

The hunger within me writhed, drowning out any logical sense or understanding. I needed more­. 

“Faster… harder…”

And as I commanded, he obeyed.

Craig’s cock ripped through me as he growled and cursed. He rammed into me while tightening his hand around my throat just how I liked it. His hips smacked my ass––gaining momentum as the seconds ticked by. 

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, his mouth latched onto my neck. 

Like a structural fault to a dam wall, his soft lips, punctuated by a sensual graze of the teeth, propelled the edges of my hunger to come apart. From the tips of my toes to the nerves on my neck, my body contorted in blissful ecstasy. My pussy walls clenched as juices flowed freely. My clit pulsed uncontrollably. My mind went blank, and all I could latch onto was the inexplainable release that washed over me. 

“Fuck… I’m coming!” Craig shouted, thrusting deep before releasing a low grunt. 

His hand was still on my neck as he emptied his cum inside me. I clenched my walls as his cock twitched and throbbed. I wanted every last drop of his cum, and I was going to make sure that I did. 

Heaving and panting, he turned me around, prompting his dick to plop out of my pussy. He placed a soft kiss on my lips before cupping my cheeks and drawing me closer. Soon, the sweet kiss turned into a passionate one. I wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling his throbbing cock on my torso. 

“More…” I managed to whisper. 

“God, I love you…” He responded, chuckling at my request before lifting me up to carry me to the bedroom.