Like Mother, Like Daughter

My name is Steve, and I live a great life. I’m a 46-year-old man, married 23 years to my wonderful wife, Jackie, or Jacqueline as only her Mom calls her. I met Jackie when she was just 17 and I was 21. We got married almost 2 years later, and went on to have 2 girls, Cindy and Emma, who are now 20 and 19. They are both married, and our oldest has a baby on the way. Since we first met, Jackie has had a very high sex drive (as have I), and we have always enjoyed a fantastic sex life. Well, at least we did until her Dad passed away last fall.

You see, Jackie has always been a “Daddy’s girl”, and that was obvious from the time I met her. Their bond was so close, that when they danced “their” father and daughter dance at our wedding reception, you would have thought that they were the married couple, not she and I. They embraced more than danced during their song, and held that embrace for moments after the song ended, much to the cheering of the entire crowd.

Also, since we got married, Jackie had a habit of going to visit her dad on Wednesday afternoons, when her Mom, Maria, would go out to do her weekly shopping and errands. That occurred, without fail, every week until last October, when her father, Jack, died of a massive coronary in his backyard. The doctors said that even if he had been on an operating table when it happened, he wouldn’t have been saved.

This put Jackie into a deep depression. She mourned his loss so badly, it was hard for her to focus on anything. Our sex life suffered. We would normally have sex 5 or 6 times a week, and that fell off to almost once a week or less. Jackie knew I needed more, but she wasn’t able to have sex as often as we were used to. She was there with me in bed, but her mind seemed to be somewhere else.

Also a victim of Jack’s untimely death was his wife Maria. His death devastated her, and for a mother-in-law who always treated me like gold, she became very distant from both of us. We would see her on occasion but Jackie and Maria just weren’t engaged with each other any longer. Since Jack’s death, Maria continued to live in their marital home of 35 years, just across town from us. That was, until Covid 19 came along.

In March, as the world was collapsing around this pandemic, Jackie and I discussed what we should do with her Mom. If she remained isolated in her own home, it would be even more difficult for her to grieve. It wasn’t a difficult decision to ask Maria to move in with us until life could get back to normal.

Jackie’s Mom is your typical grandmother, a sweet 65 year old who loves too cook for others. She is only 5′ (same height as Jackie is) and probably 50 or so pounds overweight, including a curvy rump and DD breasts, whereas Jackie’s boobs are more like an ‘A’ cup. Although her breasts could never be the size of her Mom, Jackie would likely have shared those curvy hips and thighs, but she and I run together every evening after dinner, except Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, Jackie teaches a photography course at the local community college.

So Maria moved in with us on March 15th. We put her up in Cindy’s (our oldest) vacant bedroom , which Jackie and I had planned to turn into a workout room. The large double bed was still in place, as were a couple of dressers for Jackie’s Mom to keep her personal items in, and on. Maria soon fit in very well, and seemed to enjoy our company. Since Jackie works from home, they began to relate more. With the two of them back together, Jackie seemed a little more like herself. I’m guessing that their talks together involved sharing memories of Jack, and their family life over the years.

I work at a plastics plant, a 9to5 office job. When I would come home every day from work, I was greeted by the two of them, her Mom requesting a peck on the cheek, and Jackie of course, lips only. They seemed to be getting along better than before her Mom moved in.

The first Tuesday evening after Maria settled in, Jackie left for her photography course. A few minutes later, her Mom appeared from the bathroom in her knee length nightgown (which was a routine for her after dinner), and told me that she was going to her room for a nap. A few minutes later, I was heading down the hall to the bathroom and passed by her bedroom door, which was opened a crack. I could hear sounds from within, and stopped for a moment near the door. It definitely sounded like she was moaning and I wondered if she was okay, so I looked through the space between the door and the jamb, and found Maria on her bed, her nightgown hiked up to her hips. Her feet were pulled up tightly against her wide thighs, with her knees splayed open and her eyes closed tightly. She was going to town on herself, with a long, silver vibrator, and had her other hand rubbing over her very large left breast, through her nightgown. Her entire hairy crotch was in full view, as Jackie’s Mom toyed with herself in the privacy of her bed.

I could see the dark areolas through the thin fabric, the fully erect nipples trying to push through the flimsy material. Her massive boobs spilled to each side of her chest. Maria’s tiny fingers and thumb twisted the nubbin beneath, while her right hand pushed all six inches of the silver dildo into the thick black and grey curls that camouflaged the lips of her vulva. I stood still taking in the sensuality, as her flabby, pale hips began to gyrate around the intrusions of her vibrating toy. I witnessed the build up of her excitement, when her hand then changed course and drew the sliver shaft up and over her hooded clitoris, and then back down, and deep inside her. She continued the in-and-out, then up-and-down motions as the toy hummed against her most private places. The stimulation now changed from gentle gyrations to more of a full on humping motion. Maria’s moans turned to groans as she pushed her hips into the full force of her self-induced pleasure. I began pulling at my crotch; her undulations clearly had an effect on me. I quietly unzipped and matched my strokes to that of her plastic vibrator.

Her head arched back toward the headboard, her fat bottom was now fully raised from the bed. I could see her dark puckered anus begin to twitch, signaling the onset of an orgasm. Maria’s head moved side to side in a rhythm matching the rhythm of her silvery friend. Suddenly, her head stopped, facing the ceiling, her teeth firmly clenched into her bottom lip. Maria’s head lurched forward as her humping increased to a frenzied pace. Every part of her body locked tightly in that position, as she tried to maintain the ecstasy that was washing over her. Instantly, she collapsed back to the bed, her head relaxed and her legs falling flat to the bed. As I started to move away from the door, Maria’s eyes made contact with mine. She made an “Oh” sound, and immediately tried to push her nightgown down over her fully exposed body. I stepped back, and pushed my hardness back into my pants, then zipped up quickly.

I moved quietly from the door and returned to the living room. A few minutes later, I heard the bathroom sink running, and soon after, Maria strolled back to the living room, her nightgown was now back in place. I tried to avoid eye contact, as I was embarrassed that I stayed there and watched her in her most intimate moment. Maria sat across the room in the recliner that she usually sits in. It became very quiet, but for the announcer and contestants on the game show.

After a long, awkward silence, Maria spoke. “Stevie, I’m so sorry…” was all she could get out before I interrupted her.

“No, Maria, I shouldn’t have stood and watched you, but you looked so very sensual as you played like that,” was all I could offer.

She then proceeded to tell me how much she missed the contact of her late husband. How they made love almost every night of the week. I realized how much Jackie and I are much like her parents, each having high libidos and physically loving each other often. Maria went on about what a good lover her Jack was, and hinted at the talent of both his penis as well as his mouth. She mentioned that the lack of intimacy of a loving man was the hardest part to bear after having been together for so long. I told her that I understood, because her daughter and I used to share the same nightly sex life as well, and how it has changed since Jackie’s mourning the loss of her father. Soon after, Maria got up, came over to my chair and leaned down to kiss my forehead. She said “Goodnight Stevie,” and sauntered off to bed.

Jackie came home near 11:00, and I was still up, as I usually waited for her to get home from school safely. Shortly after, I got into bed while Jackie was finishing her nightly bathroom regimen. She then climbed in beside me and we hugged a little, as we usually did at bedtime if we weren’t going to fool around. I asked her how class went and she shrugged it off as just another night of teaching. She asked me how my night with her Mom went. I stammered a bit, saying it was pretty uneventful. I turned over, unnerved at the events of the evening. Would her Mom tell her about me spying on her? Did Jackie notice something in my demeanor when she came home tonight? Or even how I responded to her asking about her Mom? I know how women can be so acute at sensing things, so it wasn’t easy to fall asleep with all that was on my mind.

When I got in from work the next night, the girls were in the kitchen, chatting and laughing. We had our usual peck and kiss, and I watched as they worked together to prepare our food. There was a generally upbeat feel to the room, and my first glance at my mother-in-law noted a sly smile on her face, but otherwise things went along quite normally. We had another wonderful dinner and then a few glasses of wine. Maria went for her nap, while my wife and I dressed for our nightly run. We chatted a bit during recovery breaks through our outing, but nothing seemed awry. After returning and showering, we sat in the living room with Maria until she retired for the night.

Once Maria went to bed, Jackie cuddled up with me. She now seemed really horny, which was fine with me! (It had been quite a while). We soon took it to the bedroom and Jackie sat me down at the foot of the bed and proceeded to pull off my shirt, and socks, then pants and underwear. I wasn’t about to interrupt her when she has a plan in mind. Jackie dropped to her knees and immediately took my now semi-hard dick into her mouth. My beautiful wife really does know how to suck cock, and you can tell that she loves doing it too! There must be something exciting about knowing how much control she has over a man when his cock is in her warm, welcoming mouth.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before I tapped her shoulder, my indication that if she didn’t stop that I was going to blow my load really soon. Jackie isn’t always a fan of swallowing unless she’s really, really horny. She responded to my signal only by extending her hand to abdomen, teasing each muscle on the way to my chest, and combing her fingers through my chest hairs. She found my hard right nipple and pulled at the rubbery nub, while her tongue swirled over the purple inflamed head. Her other hand cupped my tightened ball sack, but leaving her middle finger straight in order to slide along the velvety skin of my perineum. I took her head in hands (which she absolutely adores) and guided her face to the rhythm that was about to fill up her mouth with my cum. She must have been really, really horny!

In seconds, I recognized the movement of my warm seed driving up along my piss tube, and looked down at her reaction. I admired Jackie’s full, round lips swallowing up the spongy crown of my cock, and then her cheeks as they bulged to take in the squirts of semen now filling her hungry mouth. She kept up with the onslaught of sperm, gulping and gulping as I emptied myself with abandon, into her. My dirty wife now released my cock, and her loving tongue then mopped up my creamy shaft. When my throes of orgasm ended, Jackie looked up at me, on her knees, smiling like a Cheshire cat. I then asked, “What about you, Jackie?” Her response was quiet. She stood and began peeling off her blouse, and bra, then skinny jeans and panties.

It was then that I noticed a shadow, make that two shadows, at the bottom of our bedroom door; Maria’s feet, no doubt, as she listened to her daughter’s and my most erotic moments.

“Lay back,” Jackie ordered, unaware of our voyeur listening intently just outside our bedroom door. I scooted up our bed on my back, scrutinizing her lithe body as each article dropped to the floor. She tweaked each nipple with a thumb and finger, allowing me time to take in her salacious dance. I love how the top of her slit peeks out from beneath as she stands with feet together. Jackie then moved to the bed toward my prone body, and slithered along over my calves, to thighs, to belly and then chest, one leg on each side of me. I gazed at her tiny breasts as they swayed side to side during her ascent, the pointy nipples dangling like inverted Hershey kisses. She sat up tall and looked down at me as a dominant; I meekly awaited further instruction.

Then my wife made one final move to press her left knee to the bed, pinning my right shoulder. Her other knee landed in the same place on the opposite side of me. Jackie’s freshly shaven pussy lips were inches from my face, her pheromones now filling my nose with her luscious scent. Jackie looked straight down at me, both of her hands moving to her belly, and then sliding downward to lewdly spread apart the hairless pink labia just out of reach of my mouth. With her pink nubbin now fully bare and slick with her own body’s lubrication, my mouth watered at this delicious sight.

I then looked up into her cobalt blue eyes, and Jackie again commanded, “I need that fucking tongue in me!”

I did not disappoint. My hands reached up in search of her tiny breasts as Jackie’s engorged pussy lips lowered to my lips and chin. She began riding my mouth like she does when we fuck cowgirl style. Her labia, now split apart by my tongue delving within, cycled forward and back with each hip movement. Her motions allowed access to her entire vaginal opening, from taint to clit. Jackie’s face showed great pleasure as her grinding became more intense. She groaned each time I pinched one of her rubbery nipples.

Her forward-and-back movements increased. She slid so far forward that her face disappeared as her snatch slid over my nose and eyes, affording me the delectable opportunity to tongue her pink tight anus. Jackie reveled in the sensation as my tongue circled round and round, tasting each wrinkly fold. She pushed hard onto my face, and I pressed back deeply into the tight cavity, trying to fuck her tight ass with only my long, flicking tongue. Her pussy lips smothered my nose. My nostrils were bathed in her copious fluid while Jackie’s anus accepted my oral intrusion. My hands moved to her ass, and helped bond our body parts together, eating her ass like a depraved man.

Jackie was now leaning forward, holding my head in place as she rubbed my face with her clit, slit and asshole. She was now in full riding motion. “Fuck, oh, fuck,” was all she could say as my stiff tongue licked at each morsel presented to it. I took one hand and stroked my now awakened penis, while my mouth served whatever body part she forced upon it. Jackie’s body was now face down over my head, almost smothering me; she stopped her rocking in a place that offered me to munch on her sweet, erect clitoris. I took it in my mouth, in the same way that she recently did my cock head in hers. I sucked on it and pulled the nubbin into my mouth where my tongue could tickle the tip of the pink spear. Her head now rocked as an incredible orgasm took her over.

As Jackie began to convulse, I slid my other hand off of her ass and buried two fingers deep into her vagina. My fingers drove up and down, brushed against my chin, while I licked and devoured her swollen nub. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she groaned as she shuddered, at the apex of her arousal. Her hands held me in place until the waves began to ebb. When her orgasm subsided, Jackie climbed off and cuddled next to me, both of us exhausted. “That was really hot,” she whispered. I nodded and we rested for a bit before cleaning up and readied ourselves for bed.

Jackie and I had great sex 4 nights of the next 6. We went for a drive one of those nights, and found a place in the country to fuck in the back seat. We had a quickie in the garage one evening while her Mom was upstairs watching TV. Sex, it seemed, had begun to return to some normalcy in our home.

The following Tuesday, once the dishes were cleared and Jackie left for night class, Maria got up and went to her room. She came out a few minutes later wearing a short cotton nightgown, almost like a baby doll, hemmed at mid thigh. Maria said nothing, but reached for my hand. I got up from the chair and she held me as we made our way to the bedroom. When we neared the bed, she slowed and pulled my hand back toward her, causing me to slowly turn in her direction at the foot of the bed. I thought maybe she wanted to masturbate standing up, so I reached my hand toward her.

Maria slapped my hand away lightly, pushing me instead, back onto her bed. My feet still on the floor, my back struck the cushiony bed covers as I looked back at her. My heavy mother-in-law then made her way to her knees, between my legs. I rose up on my elbows to see what she had in store for me. Her full face moved between my legs, her thick tongue licked and kissed along each thigh through my slacks, alternating each time. I could see her heavy cleavage, her hanging melons pressing against my legs while she moved closer to release my cock. Her stubby hands reached forward, unbuckling my belt and pulling on the zipper.

Once undone, her hands worked my pants down on each side. I raised my hips to allow her to remove them entirely. I could see the bulge of my hardening cock between us, covered only by my boxers. Maria looked content as she again reached out to pull them off and threw them on top of my other shorn clothes. Her eyes stared intently at me as her hand grasped the thickness of my cock, pulling it up taut. Her mouth moved lower, and licked at one of my testes. Her loving licks and caresses made my cock twitch as her hand made a fist around me, jacking my rigid dick up and down. Maria marinated my ball sack with her saliva and then began to suck one of my balls into her mouth. The double attack at my senses made my erection rock solid.

Her face disappeared beneath my cock as she used her tongue to make long licks from my perineum, and up along the stretchy skin of my sack. She glided even higher along my shaft and up, over the top of my cock head, her eyes locked with mine. My wife’s mother used her tongue in circles as she laved my knob while staring me, an evil smile all the while. She then began the journey down along the meaty shaft, and back over my ball sack, to the tender area of skin between arse and dick.

Maria then did something I had never experienced before. Her index finger on her left hand, covered in her own spittle, moved in small orbits at my asshole. My eyes widened as the tingly sensation made my cock twitch wildly. Her mouth now sucked in a ball as her finger teased my butthole. Maria then pulled my cock head down to where her lips took over, engulfing my dick with her small but expert mouth. I couldn’t look away from her smiling face as she pushed her way down my sodden shaft. Her finger pushed gently into my ass, giving light pressure against the sensitive opening. I whimpered as her mouth forced its way down my cock, her uvula tickled me as my cockhead worked its way into the tightness of her throat. Maria now had her face buried in my brown pubic hair, having taken every inch of the more than six that I have to offer. Her finger now wedged into my anus, pleading its way inside me. Maria came up for a quick breath and then swallowed my cock once again.

I knew then how a woman feels as she moves her body towards an imminent penetration. My ass pushed into her probing finger, welcoming it toward my aching prostate. Nothing had ever entered me back there and now I felt the wiggling of her digit inside me, while her mouth devoured my entire cock. Her eyes on mine, I knew that this could not last long. I said, “Maria, I-I-I…” and with that Maria did two things simultaneously. Her finger pushed inside me fully, to actively massage the tender tissues of my prostate. As well, her head drove its way down again, to the root of my dick. Her tongue laved around and around my cock head, her lips sucking in the pink skin at the base of my cock. The two actions forced my eyes to the ceiling, frozen with the upcoming contractions from my gonads. Maria milked my cock while fingering into my virgin bottom. I let out the most guttural sound I’ve ever heard. My hips and legs tensed and bucked against the ultimate deluge of the senses.

Maria made a gurgling sound as my cum erupted into her inviting mouth. She gulped and pulled back, unable to keep up. Streams of jizz ejected as she pulled away, spewing streaks of my thick mucus onto her eyelids and eyelashes, over her forehead and into her greying hair. She immediately went back for more, trapping the next streams with the softness of her mouth. Her finger retreated from my ass, the wrinkled muscles clenching back as it exited. My cock, now empty of ammunition, then began to lose the blood once supporting its hardness. It began to return to a flaccid state. Maria held firm until my cock was fully soft in her mouth, slowly bathing the messy phalus with her expert tongue.

Through panted breath, I murmured, “Oh my God, Maria!”

“Jack always loved me to do that,” she said. She continued licking the glaze from my wrinkled cock, satisfied at her task. “He told me once, that there is nothing like a mouth on your dick and a finger in your butt.” And she laughed to herself, as the image of that memory stayed with her.

I sat up on the bed, she now leaning back on her on her haunches. The upper parts of her face were a mess of sticky cum. She reached to kiss me. I recoiled a bit, but to no use. Maria gave me a peck on the lips, a hint of my own salty taste from her lips. “He liked that, too!” she shared.

“And now, we need to take care of you.” I suggested. Maria then did something that was really odd. She told me to lie back on her bed, and I did as asked. She then moved her way up my body, her heavy breasts dragging along my thighs and cock. My mouth came into contact with one of her enormous breasts. She resembled Jackie’s movements, except for the plentiful cleavage hanging beneath her. I was able to suckle on one nipple through the sheer cloth for a moment, before she took hold of the headboard with her left hand. She moved up on one knee, her puffy, dark-curled vagina was now in my face while her right hand spread open the multiple dimpled creases that unmasked the meaty, glistening lips of her sex. As I lay under her, licking up into her musky hanging labia through the thick mat of curls, I inhaled deeply, Her wonderful smell of sweat and arousal filled my senses. I wondered at how this was so eerily similar to Jackie’s behavior last week. How could the two of them have such similar styles?

I began lapping her cunt voraciously. Taking hold of the sodden labial fold, I kissed the flesh before sucking the gooey meat inside. I then found the hooded bulb of her clit, which was much longer and thicker than any of the women I’ve been with. I licked and licked, sensing that Maria was nearly there already. I could see her other hand gripped tightly to the headboard as she attempted to support her extra weight from smothering her young son-in-law. I enjoyed the pressure of her aroused vulva and, once my face was firmly entrenched in her thick folds, Maria released her grip on her lower gut, and caressed the back of my head into her. Maria fucked my tongue as though it were a small cock, writhing and twisting to get it to penetrate her as deeply as possible. .

Her grunts and tugs worked my face until she began to erupt. A warm wash of liquid flowed copiously from her vagina, washing my face with her watery cum. I was mildly shocked. Jackie has squirted like this when I fingered her g-spot, butt this ejaculate was purely from clitoral stimulation. Maria twerked and jerked as her orgasm rose to a crescendo, my face beneath, receiving all of her orgasmic flow. She looked at me between her legs, my face slathered with her lady cum, and groaned heavily while her pussy flaps moved back and forth over me. She used my mouth like her fuck toy. I savored the experience.

Once sated, Maria removed her leg from straddling me, and shuffled down beside me, her head nestled against my chest. We held each other silently for a long time. Maria broke the calm by saying, “You need to get cleaned up before Jacqueline gets back.” I kissed her softly and left to shower. Maria didn’t come out from her bedroom after that, obviously the energy expended was too much for her.

I made sure to shower well before my wife returned from school. When she arrived, we hugged, and Jackie said, “Mmmm, you smell good, Steve!” I feared that she might be looking for me to perform now, much too soon for my mid-forties refractory period. She quickly put that fear to rest, as she asked how we spent our night. I responded, “Well, you know how much your Mom is like you, so easy to talk to and to be with. She did go to bed early, so I guess I tired her out.”

Jackie countered, “Yeah, I’m pretty tired too, how about we turn off the lights and get some sleep. You have an early day tomorrow.” That sounded like a great idea.

The following week continued as did the last, with the ladies as close as ever, and Jackie and I fucking like teenagers. Thursday night, Jackie did something she never has before. Jackie slid a finger into my anus as she was going down on me. If she could have seen the look in my eyes at that moment! I worried that her Mom told her about how much I was turned on by having my ass played with. Could she know about everything Maria and I have done? Those thoughts were quickly gone, as the sensations of mouth and finger became my total focus. I came within seconds, filling my wife’s mouth with my sticky goo. She smiled a knowing smile and moved up to kiss me. I thought she had swallowed everything, but apparently not. When her tongue swirled inside my mouth, I tasted the slimy, salty flavor of my own semen.

This was too coincidental! What did Jackie know? What did Maria tell my wife about us? Were they really closer than I could have imagined? My heart raced at the taboo thoughts, while my tongue explored Jackie’s mouth, lapping up the remnants of my seed. I accepted her offering, and she moaned as our kiss lasted a long while.

Last Tuesday, after Jackie left for school, I was watching TV, having some nasty thoughts about what Maria might be up for tonight. Maria came into the room in her nightgown and heavy terrycloth robe, two wine glasses in hand. She asked if we could spend this evening talking. I assured her that was fine with me. We shared the loveseat, close but not touching. I peeked occasionally at her legs while we talked, my mind wandering to last week. But there would be no repeat performance this evening. Maria told me she needed to confide some things with me.

She told me that she and Jacqueline have returned to the mother-daughter relationship they used to share. They totally trusted each other more now, and this new living situation allowed them to share a lot of memories about their family times with Jack. She thinks it has helped both of them to feel more normal again. Maria said that she hadn’t realized how much Jacqueline had missed her father, but now knew to what extent “Keekee” missed him.

I asked, “Keekee?”

“Yes, Keekee. Jacqueline has never told you of that nickname?”

“No,” I said, “Never.”

“Well,” Maria went on to explain, “When Jackie was learning to talk, she couldn’t pronounce her name properly, and instead she would refer to herself as Keekee. Jack took to that right away and called her Keekee until she was in middle school, where she worried friends would hear that and tease her.”

“Ah, so that was a name that only Jack called her.” I said, nodding.

“Yes, that’s true.” She said. And Maria went on to tell me of their Saturday morning ritual where Jacqueline would go in and wake up her Daddy after he had a chance to sleep in. “You see,” she went on, “Jack worked an early morning shift on weekdays, and Sundays we would all go to church for early mass, so Saturday was the one day that Jack could sleep in.”

“Oh, I get it, Jackie would climb in bed with the two of you to wake her Dad up?” I asked.

“Oh, no,” Maria offered. I was always an early riser, as was Jacqueline, so I would begin my weekend chores while my daughter watched cartoons. She would have to wait until 9 o’clock before she could wake him up. When the clock chimed nine, she would run into our bedroom singing and demanding a horsey ride. Jack would bounce her up and down while he lay in bed, while she giggled and laughed out loud. That would go on having fun for a half hour or so, and then he would get up and our family day would begin.”

Well, that was something I hadn’t ever known about Jackie and her Dad. It’s no wonder they were so close as she grew up.

“Yeah,” suggested Maria, “that started when she was 6 or 7 and went on until she was in her teens. I don’t remember them ever missing their Saturday ritual, until, I guess, she got her first boyfriend. I think she was afraid the boyfriend would think it was weird or something, so they stopped their weekly playtime then. She told me that she really misses those times.”

We then talked more about Jack and Maria, and good family times for the entire evening. Before we knew it, Jackie’s car had pulled into the driveway and a bottle of wine lay empty. When Jackie came in, she was surprised to see her Mom still up.

“Your wonderful husband here entertained me, and we talked way past my bed time,” Maria told her daughter.

“On the contrary,” I suggested, “Maria told me about some great family times with you and her and Jack. She even told me about your Saturday wake up calls for your Dad.” The three of us talked for almost another hour before we all retired for the night.

The rest of the week was pretty straight forward, with Jackie and I having a quickie in the shower after our run on Thursday. Then, Friday night, Maria told us that Jackie and I needed a night out to reconnect, and so we Ubered our way to a lovely dinner with lots of drinks. When we got home we decided to take a dip in the hot tub before bed. While we were soaking in the hot tub, I made a move on Jackie, but her hand stopped mine. She then leaned in and kissed me gently, and said, “Nothing for you tonight, because I’m too drunk. But, I’m going to wake you up proper tomorrow though!” and with that, stepped out of the spa and dried herself off. Well, sometimes having to wait can be as exhilarating as anything, so I was good with the proposal.

Next morning, I was awakened by a noise in the kitchen. Someone must have dropped a spoon or something on the floor. I looked at the clock and it was just before 9:00. Our bedroom has heavy curtains, so despite a bright day outside, the room was dark enough for sleeping in, but lit enough to see well. A few minutes later, while I was still tucked in nicely beneath the heavy quilt, the door opened and there stood the silhouette of my beautiful wife. She had the light of the bright sunlit hallway behind her. She stayed in the doorway wearing, based on the light filtering through the paper thin fabric, a pink baby doll outfit, cut to very high thigh. The light bathed the outline of her body, creating an arousing effect. Now, THIS is a proper way to wake up.

She strode up to my side of the bed, and as I reached my hand out to touch her naked thigh, she playfully spanked my hand away. “Shhhh,” was all she whispered. My nearly naked wife reached out and took hold of the quilt on top of me, separating it from the crisp, white sheet below. She slid the quilt down toward my feet, until the tented structure of my newly aroused cock came into view. She moved to the foot of the bed and crawled up, her eyes trying to keep mine on hers.

I couldn’t help it, but to look at her petite body crawling to me, the low hanging neckline exposed her tiny breasts. The curvature of the sheet changed as my cock tried to climb to vertical, while my sweet wife settled in above the tent. Jackie stood tall, on her knees, and raised her hands to touch her tiny buds through the sheer cloth. This caused the baby doll to rise up with her arms, and my eyes took in a lovely pair of tight white bikinis. The front panel had a cute cartoon kitten printed on it, just above the point where the panties disappeared between her legs.

I stared at the stretched material, pulled tightly into the cleft of her smooth hairless slit. Her hands playing with her nipples, Jackie then began gliding back and forth along my semi-hard erection. My eyes followed up to her face, her eyes now closed, Jackie clearly in a state of bliss somewhere far from here. Jackie’s thighs moved back and forth, pressing my shaft into the delicate skin of her vulva, only a sheet and her tiny panties between us. I lay there, still, as her face translated the sensations her pussy was enjoying. Her movements were frustratingly slow for me, but this was all about her at the moment.

My wife was now kneeling down more on me than supported by her own knees, her body now forcefully pressed into my hardened shaft. I whispered, ” I love you, Keekee,” and she looked me in the eyes and kissed me gently. A tear spilled from an eye, and she wiped it away softly. She continued her rocking motion using my penis to stimulate her clitoris. I noticed the sheet becoming wet with my precum, her arousal clearly inciting my own. She then stopped and reached down, pulling the sheet down from my chest, to meet her knees.

Jackie stepped over the sheet with each knee, peeling the cloth behind her, leaving my hard cock nearly standing straight up. A steady stream of precum leaked from my cock head. Jackie then shuffled forward and pinned my hardness against my stomach with her crotch. Her soft moans began, as now only her panties separated her slit from the intrusion of my penis. I heard a slight shuffle in the hallway, and noticed again, the shadow of Maria near our door.

“You look so beautiful, Keekee,” I moaned, hoping her Mom could hear me. Jackie now pulled the baby doll over her head, leaving her sexy pink puffy nipples bare. She tossed the nightgown to the floor and then leaned over to rest the palms of her hands on my chest. Her rocking continued, as her face looked skyward, the long lines of her neck stretched with her gaze. I raised both hands to cup her petite globes, flicking lightly at the perky buttons. I looked below her tummy to see her hips now moving harder and harder, forward and back, as she masturbated herself using my cock as her sex toy.

Precum puddled on my belly, while her sodden undies rode me. Jackie began to move more jaggedly up and down my shaft, indicating her legs were losing control as her body was on the brink of orgasm. I raised my hips off the bed to meet her thrusts, causing us both to rise to the point of no return. I knew it was imminent, so as I grunted hoarsely, I observed the exact moment when her ministrations caused my ejaculate to leave my body. I drove my hips up like I was fucking her, while pools of semen jettisoned onto my stomach.

Jackie rode faster and faster now, milking the last of my cum out of the tube. As my cock began to lose its rigidity, she was unable to achieve the friction needed to finish her off. Without notice, Jackie began to crawl up higher and higher, her panties dragging through the heated cum pool, toward my waiting mouth. Her groans now getting louder, I watched as she lowered her sopping panties to my face. Jackie’s gyrations returned, bucking back and forth above me. I extended my tongue to lap at her clit as it moved back and forth, my saline flavor mixed with her fluids. More, and louder groans came just as her body began to tremble. Jackie’s face was of bliss, her eyes closed, her head now bucking with the contractions of her womanhood. Her panties were juiced up, some from my tongue and mouth, some from within her vagina. “Ohhhhh, Goddddddd,” was the last thing she uttered before her body shuddered into completion.

Jackie’s breathing slowed as the intense sensations ebbed, and she soon fell back to the bed. Our faces side by side, we just cuddled for the longest time, nothing needed to be said. Behind her, I saw the shadow of her Mom’s feet move away from the door. The three of us were becoming a very close family.