Voise Coin – advantages and disadvantages

The team behind the crypto currency is small and mostly unknown. This does not automatically mean that it must be a failure. It’s just harder to know how the coin development will take place. The team is not amateurish, the roadmap is well thought out and the idea of using the Ethereum blockchain and its Smart Contracts is great. At the same time the team is very active in the social media and forums. So they don’t lack devotion.

The Voise crypto currency is not the only one that deals with music or art. Other blockchain-based platforms are also advancing into this segment, focusing on either music or creative people in general. Whether the coin can exist or coexist with other platforms remains to be seen. What Voi/se has ahead of the others, however, is the fact that artists can keep all revenues to themselves.

Voise Coin Course – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin profit

The coin is a still quite young crypto currency and buying Voise Coin is only possible since October 2017. At the beginning the price was not bad and started with 1 cent. In the Bitcoin profit course of October, the price rose to 2 cents. Possibly it is because the crypto currency went on the stock markets at a time when the general hype about the coins was already going on.

At the end of the month, the Voise Coin price fell back to 1 cent, and in November it finally fell to below 1 cent per coin. In most cases, the price remained at 0.5 cents. In December, the crypto currency was better again, the price reached 1 cent again. After all, January was the most successful month to date. Within a few days, the price jumped to 4, then 6 and finally 13 cents per VMS. After this hype, the price fell in the course of the month, but seems to stabilize at 2 cents.

The Voise Coin forecast: There is a lot of potential in the project, but it is not possible to say exactly how the price will develop in the future. It might be worthwhile to buy VSM coin now, while the crypto currency is quite cheap. Should the team work through more goals on its roadmap and users and artists discover the platform for themselves, more traders will certainly be aware of the coin.

Where can the Bitcoin trader buy the Voise Coin?

Despite the young age of the crypto currency, there are some exchanges where the Bitcoin trader can buy the Voise Coin. These include Livecoin, CoinExchange, HitBTC, Ether Delta, Bit-Z and Cryptopia. Often the coin has to be exchanged by the Bitcoin trader for Bitcoins or Ether.

Conclusion Voise Coin
Voise Coin does not reinvent the wheel, but has the potential to do many things right. The only difference is that the small team are unknown newcomers, which might be a stomachache for some traders. You should definitely keep an eye on the platform.

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TenX – the credit card for digital currencies

TenX, the credit card from a StartUp. The big advantage that crypto currencies have over any traditional currency is the speed with which transactions are processed. However, they have the disadvantage that they are not accepted everywhere – credit cards that allow payments in a traditional currency do.

Who stands behind onlinebetrug.net/en?

The three Tyroleans Michael Sperk, Julian Hosp and Toby Hönisch met the onlinebetrug Thai Paul Kitti by chance in the Asian metropolis of Singapore in 2014 and realized in conversation that they share a common passion for crypto currencies. Together they founded a startup in Singapore and had raised around 80 million US dollars in June 2017 as part of a so-called token sale. Julian Hosp, the CMO of the young company, says:
“We hadn’t even planned to sell so many TenX tokens. But we were one of the few blockchain start-ups that already had a finished product.

The goal is to offer customers a TenX Card. This card contains a TenX Wallet, which customers can link to their respective crypto currency. This makes it possible for customers to pay with digital money on their TenX Debit Card wherever Master or Visa Cards are accepted as means of payment.

The internal allocation of roles and the further strategy are also already in place. For example, Toby Hönisch holds the role of CEO after his studies in security technologies and artificial intelligence, while Michael Sperk holds the position of CTO. The number of employees is to be doubled to 40 in 2017.

Crowdfunding for Bitcoin Revolution

TenX had created the “PAY” token itself for https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/bitcoin-revolution/ crowdfunding. Depending on the TenX exchange rate, a total of 4,000 buyers had invested up to USD 80 million in the company via various digital currencies. In return, the buyers received PAY tokens. These, in turn, can rise strongly in value if the young company’s business is positive and, consequently, the TenX price or the TenX coin price also rises.

Hosp says the financing for the plans to establish the TenX card worldwide is secured for five years after crowdfunding. 50 percent of the income from crowdfunding has been converted into traditional currencies, while the rest is held as a reserve in crypto currencies. After the rates of all crypto currencies were subject to strong fluctuations in the previous months, the company may receive much more capital if – as the founders expect – the rates develop positively in the future.

What is a Token Sale?
In principle, the token sale – also known as the ICO in the industry – is similar to crowdfunding. This means that anyone who wanted to buy TenX made a bet on the positive development of the company. TenX Coin, i.e. PAY, thus gains value, whereby the buyer profits from the future success of the company. TenX ranks among the ten largest ICOs in the first half of 2017. These are the ten largest ICOs:

Tezos with a volume of 208 million US dollars
IO with a volume of 200 million US dollars
Bancor with a volume of 153 million US dollars
Status with a volume of 95 million US dollars
TenX with a volume of 80 million US dollars
MobileGo with a volume of 53.3 million US dollars
SONM with a volume of 42 million US dollars
Basic Attention Token with a volume of 35 million US dollars
Civic with a volume of 33 million US dollars
Storj with a volume of 30 million US dollars
The founders not only want to profit from the price increases, but have also included real revenue opportunities in their planning: TenX receives a small share of the turnover if the owner of a credit card pays with it. Of this revenue, 0.5 percent is distributed to the owners of the tokens. Customers who pay with their credit card are additionally rewarded with a bonus of 0.1 percent. However, it is not yet clear whether this idea will really be able to assert itself on the market. The success of the card is likely to depend largely on the TenX Whitepaper and the published TenX News. This is because the state regulatory authorities act in completely different ways.

Tech investor: Warren Buffet is wrong about Bitcoin

According to Warren Buffet about Bitcoin earlier this week, tech investor Chamath Palihapitiya spoke out in defense of the crypto currency. Although he claims to be a buffet “student”, he expressed that Warren Buffet was wrong about Bitcoin.

Palihapitiya: “Not everyone is always right.”
In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, the former Facebook employee who stood up for Bitcoin’s virtues spoke with refreshing insights. Warren Buffet’s competence did not necessarily extend to knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as crypto currencies.

Many other Bitcoin Code supporters

Palihapitiya spoke in relation to Buffet’s appearance on the same CNBC segment. Instead of taking the anti-bitcoin position of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, the self-proclaimed “Buffet – Schüler” spoke of the necessity of digital assets https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/bitcoin-code/ in a world after the financial crash:


Ethereum Code could not only function

Since 2012 he has been a crypto investor and, like many other Bitcoin supporters, saw this as a safeguard against the “traditional financial infrastructure”. Palihapitiya recalled the 2008 financial crash, which directly related to the importance of Bitcoin as an asset class. He said that almost every market collapsed, even those that were considered safe. Bitcoin could not only function as an alternative solution, but will https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/ethereum-code/ also increase in value in a financial crisis, as many are looking for an alternative safe investment option.


First Facebook, then Tech – Investor
Chamath Palihapitiya worked at Facebook for over four years. During his time in the social network, he held many management positions. Born in Sri Lanka, the venture capitalist began his career as an investor during his time at Facebook and continued to support projects that offer a platform for innovative technologies after his departure.

The technology venture capitalist is not the only person who contradicts the one-page CNBC interview on Monday. Tyler Winklevoss also spoke via Twitter, criticizing Bill Gates for his daring statement about Bitcoin’s shorts. The Microsoft founder and multi-billionaire claimed in the interview that if there was a way to shorten Bitcoin, he would do just that. According to this statement, Tyler Winklevoss pointed out that there is a way to shorten Bitcoin. After reminding him of the Cboe’s Bitcoin futures contracts, he called on Gates to put his words into action.

Basics for the introduction with bitcoin and crypto currencies

Last year showed that bitcoin and crypto currencies are in demand. However, beginners often do not know how to get started and what the really important foundations for the digital currencies are.

It is not necessary to buy a complete bitcoin. You can buy 0.1 Bitcoins or 0.001 or 0.00001 Bitcoins. More about the Bitcoin units.

Bitcoins and crypto currencies are risk investments
Lately, all you can hear is how he or she got rich through Bitcoin and there is only one way for Bitcoins – up. This assumption is wrong and complete nonsense.

2014 is the best negative example of this. In 2013 Bitcoin reached a high of over 1200 US dollars, only to fall to 200 US dollars next year. It can happen again and again. That’s why it’s important to be careful how much you invest.

A good tip: Consider the bitcoin and crypto investment immediately as lost money. This way you make sure that no more money is invested than you can lose.

There are no guaranteed winnings

Once you encounter a new digital currency that promises guaranteed profits, you should watch out. This is probably a pyramid scheme. Therefore, question the new digital currency: How are guaranteed profits possible? Do you have to invite people to make bigger profits?

Unfortunately, greed often eats the brain, it’s only human. And there are no guaranteed profits, risks always exist.

Don’t forget the tax
Bitcoin and Co. are not exempt from tax. Find out when you have to pay taxes. In the meantime you will find many useful contact points for the first overview. For more complex matters, you should consult a tax consultant who is familiar with Bitcoin.

Tip: Print out your Bitcoin purchases and put them in a separate folder to keep track of them. This saves you work for possible later proofs.


Novel technology has errors

Crypto currencies are new territory. The blockchain technology is new and improvements are constantly being made to the protocols. Mistakes can never be ruled out, which is why you should take this into account when making an investment.

In addition, Bitcoin Wallets should be constantly updated to close any security gaps.

Safe storage of bitcoins

Bitcoin bristles are attractive targets for hackers because it is difficult to track bitcoins. Therefore Bitcoins should not be stored on a stock exchange.

To store Bitcoins you need a secure Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin Wallet is software you need to receive and send Bitcoins.

Hardware wallets are particularly suitable for beginners – but they are expensive. Hardware wallets are devices that create and store your private access codes securely. Creating and using a Hardware Wallet is not too complicated and offers beginners the greatest possible security. As long as your PC is free of malicious software, a desktop wallet is sufficient.

Safety first
Once you start with Bitcoins, you should rethink your behavior on the net. Yes I know this is a lot of work and unpleasant, but you have a small fortune with Bitcoin on your computer or smartphone. And you were supposed to protect that. There is no Bitcoin bank to reimburse you for losses.

That’s why you should set up two-factor authentication for every important website. You should also choose an antivirus program that works well for years, such as Kaspersky* and Bitdefender*.

And, of course, the usual clues: Don’t open foreign files from e-mails, watch out for phishing and only save your data encrypted.

Reading and collecting information
You don’t have to be a Bitcoin Guru to use Bitcoin and Co. Still, you should know your tools of the trade. This means you need to know what a wallet is, how to use a wallet and how to store Bitcoins safely. At Bitcoin you are your own bank and responsible for your own losses.

You don’t need anything else to handle it. After a while you will automatically want to know more about Bitcoin. It doesn’t hurt to learn more about Bitcoin and the technology.